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Amboseli National Park

The Chyulu Hills is a mountain range in Makueni County in southeastern Kenya. It forms a 100-kilometre-long volcanic field in an elongated northeast–southwest direction. Its highest peak is 2,188 metres high. The Leviathan Cave (also known as Kisula caves) in Chyulu Hills National Park is about 11 km long, one of the longest caves in Africa. The national park is part of the Tsavo conservation area which covers Tsavo West National Park, Tsavo East National Park and the Kibwezi Forest.

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Car Rental to Explore Tsavo East National Park?

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If your booking Kenya Safari to explore Chyulu Hills National Park , and we recommend that you can extend the visit to cover also Tsavo West National Park and Amboseli National Park. If you are planning to self-drive tour to Kenya with 4×4 Africa, don’t miss a visit to Chyulu Hills National Park in your open Safari Landcruiser or jeep with Camping gears. We advise you to drive to the Chyulu Hills on paved roads all the way from Nairobi or first destination before this national park.

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Safari activities in Chyulu National park

Kenya Safari to Chyulu National park is open for various safari activities which are recommended by 4×4 Africa to be explore in Kenya .

Game Drive

Tsavo East National Park

Chyulu hills national park is blessed with numerous wild life like, cheetahs, antelopes, black rhino, zebra, eland, wildebeests, steenbok, bush bucks, bush pig, elephants and many more some of this species are endangered the animal trails lead you to this abundant wildlife. Their also reptiles like the puff adder, black mamba, monitor lizards and rock Python to mention a few.

Hiking is the main activity at the park, there are various animals trekking trails that lead you to explore the mountain ranges and view various wildlife. Its highest peak is not hard to climb and not very tiresome the peak is 150 kilometers long. The hike also gives views of Kilimanjaro Mountain

Hiking & Trekking

Kidepo Valley Landscape

Bird Watching

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Chyulu hills national park boasts with over 300 species of birds both migratory and residential bird from Europe and North Africa the best place for bird enthusiasts to view bird life is at the lake jipe found at the south Western of the park.

The Chyulu hills volcanic mountains offer splendid mix of volcanic ash cones and barren lava flows. Note that, the big black rocks also raise testament to the volcanic origin of the mountains. The lava flows are covered with green vegetation but the upper slopes are home to over 37 species of orchids. Then the deep beneath of the hills is a catacomb of unexplored caves.

Tourists can go for nature walks and come along wildlife, reptiles, butterflies and insects and enjoy the cool breeze of mountain forest.

Nature walk


Tsavo East

Horse riding is one of the best ways to explore the un spoilt wilderness of Chyulu national park, the animals get even more closer as they assume a horse is amongst them.


Tourists interested in waking up to the whispers of the wilderness can go on a camping safari to the park by pitching their tents on one of the camping sites with facilities of shower rooms, toilets and kitchen.

Where to stay?

The park has got three campsites while other accommodation units can be found outside the park some of the lodges are;

  • Ol donyo lodge
  • Campi ya kanzi

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When to go to Chyulu Hills National Park

Chyulu Hills is a game destination visited through the year, but wildlife viewing tends to be best in the dry months from June to October and January to February. You can still visit during peak of the short rains that happens in November and long rains from April and May can be a challenging time in transport means because roads can be in poor condition to access the park. Though accommodation rates can be cheaper and the park can be out many visitors during long rainfall months. We advise you to always use 4×4 wheel drive throughout the year.

How to access Chyulu Hills National park?

Nature walk in Aberdare National Park

The park is located 20 kilometers from Mombasa airport, 230 kilometers from Nairobi and 10 kilometers off Nairobi- Mombasa highway and there are two airstrips at the park that can access by the domestic chattered flights from Mombasa or Nairobi.