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The gorillas have 4 subspecies of which include

  1. Mountain gorillas which is sub divided into two.
  2. Western gorillas.
  3. Eastern lowland gorillas
  4. Cross river gorillas

Though there is a number of species, the mountain gorillas racked to be the rarest gorillas worldwide and alone makes it a unique attraction.

The mountain gorillas have two populations one in Virunga Volcanic mountains of central Africa only in three game parks include, Mgahinga South of Uganda, volcanoes North West of Rwanda and Virunga in the Eastern DRC. The other population is found in Uganda in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park


Virunga is located in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo which is found within the Virunga Massif that is shared between Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo and is among the world’s most bio diverse treasures and the oldest in Africa for the dense jungle, lava lakes, wide savannah plain glaciers and clad mountains and mammal, insects, and known for the apes (mountain gorillas).

Virunga national park still stands most famous place for mountain gorilla worldwide and stands as the most unique of all parks. Mountain gorillas are highly intelligent and living peacefully on mountain forest slopes good natured and highly fascinating animals to observe and every one would really need to see, for that, u will be left changed forever and awestruck.

At the summit of Mt.Nyirangonga  an active volcano ,visitors can camp at its rim viewing  the largest  larva lake Churn, on that, visitors can still climb of about 5109m(16761ft) on mountains .Rwenzori mountain in the parks Northern sector gives a visitors a chance to explore the high montane forest and the largest snow caped Rwenzori mountains in Africa.


The park offers cultural and luxury accommodations for those hopping to relax with a stunning views including luxurious Mikeno lodge and the Kibumba tented camp of which is the starting point for gorilla trekking.

Trekking in Virunga may need 1-3 hours depending on the destination of the trekked group and the physical appearance of the place. For gorilla safety healthy wise, visitors in Virunga are advised to come with face masks to use in presence of mountain gorillas and in case a visitor feels unwell healthy wise should cancel the visit and reschedule the visit when in good condition .this is done because some gorillas can be affected human diseases.in case a visitor is below 15 years, he or she is restricted from visiting the mountain gorillas.

Beyond that, the visitors can take a safari through the savanna of the central sectors Ishasha plains acquiring fantastic views of large mammal wildlife i.e., elephants, lions, hippos, and giant forest hogs