The Toyota Land Cruiser 79 series, is a versatile and rugged vehicle that combines the utility of wagon with the capabilities of an off-road SUV. It is commonly used for various purposes, including commercial work, safari adventures, and overland trips. Here’s some information about the Land Cruiser 79 series Wagon:


  1. Engine: It typically comes with a powerful diesel engine, providing excellent torque and reliability.
  2. Seating Capacity: It can accommodate up to 5 passengers, depending on the seating configuration.
  3. Payload Capacity: The pickup bed allows for carrying cargo, equipment, or camping gear.
  4. Off-Road Capability: It is equipped with four-wheel drive, high ground clearance, and robust suspension to handle challenging terrains.
  5. Towing Capacity: The Land Cruiser Pickup Wagon has a high towing capacity, making it suitable for towing trailers or other heavy loads.
  6. Hardtop or Canopy: The pickup bed can be fitted with a hardtop or canopy for added security and protection of cargo.

Rental Prices

Rental prices for this Land Cruiser Wagon can vary depending on factors such as the country, rental duration, included services.

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