Hire Your 4x4 Extended Safari Landcruiser

Extended Safari Landcruiser offered by 4x4 Africa is only Available in Kenya , Tanzania , Uganda , Rwanda, Congo

Car Rental in Africa is ease and more possible with 4x4 Africa the leading car hire company in East & South Africa!

Toyota Land Cruiser LX  mostly known as hardtop provides you  a comfortable and convenient way to drive around the key tourists destinations in kenya, Tanzania , Uganda , South Africa , Zambia & Namibia.

The Toyota landcruiser lx is known for off road adventures in Africa mostly used on long term Self drive Safaris with free hassle border crossing. 

The Land Cruiser LX is a luxurious Safari wagon that offers a blend of comfort and off-road capability. It typically comes equipped with features such as:

  1. Engine: Powerful V8 engine for robust performance.
  2. Seating Capacity: Can accommodate up to 5 passengers.
  3. Transmission: Manual transmission for powerful driving experience.
  4. 4×4 Capability: Provides four-wheel drive for tackling various terrains.
  5. Hardtop: The Land Cruiser LX usually comes with a solid roof, offering protection from the elements and added security.

Camping Safari with Landcruiser LX

While rooftop camping setups may not be a standard feature, 4x4 Africa offers optional rooftop tents or Camping equipment for Land Cruiser LX rentals with rooftop tents from Tentco Brands.

These rooftop tents can be mounted on the vehicle’s roof and provide a convenient sleeping space during your journey. They are designed to be easily set up and taken down, offering a comfortable and elevated camping experience.




See all specifications of the Toyota Land Cruiser Extended. Please request the specifications of the car on offer. All camping 4×4 cars are equipped with a very complete assortment for 2-4 people which includes practically everything for taking a camping trip.
Engine Type
1HZ Diesel Engine, 4200cc
Transmission Type
Manual Transmission
Seating Capacity
Up to 8 passenger seater
FM Radio, USB, Aux, Mp3 and CD Player
Unlimited Mileage, available for cross borders
Car Addons
Up to 2 rooftop tents, price quoted for one tent
Full time 4WD, Comprehensive Insurance
Addition Features
Good ground clearance and leg room, large trunk for luggage.

Rates Indicated Per Day

Season Price Availability
Low Season

Upon Request
High Season $150 Early Booking Advised

The rates vary strongly per season and starting location. We are happy to offer you a favorable quotation, matching your personal preferences!

Long Term Car rental to drive around lake victoria- we offer special prices for fully camping jeep.



  • Unlimited kilometers

  • Full camping equipment

  • One spare wheels

  • Comprehensive Insurance

  • 12v fridge/freezer

  • Available on self drive


    • Cross border fees

    • Cross border fees

    • Cross border fees

    • Cross border fees