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Lake Nakuru National Park

Buffalo Springs national reserve was established in 1948 as part of Isiolo Samburu game reserve but gained full rights in 1985. It covers an area of 131 square kilometers. The Reserve is south of the Samburu National Reserve and is named after an oasis of clear water at its western end. It is a place of dramatic contrast in which rare wildlife and diverse birdlife reside with gently rolling lowland plain of old lava flows and volcanic soils of olivine basalt. Its among the destinations where you see the Big four and only miss the Rhinos  to make it big five adventure in Kenya with 4×4 Africa the leading operator offering 4×4 Kenya private guided Safari in East Africa. Dont miss the chance to see.

Where does Buffalo Springs fit into your Kenya Safari Adventure?

Buffalo Springs National Reserve comprises the gently rolling lowland plain of old lava flows and volcanic soils of olivine basalt that have lasted for decades. The major feature in the Reserve is the Champagne Ride in the southeast, an ancient lava terrace. Kenya Safaris to this amazing Reserve are rewarding with amazing scenic views of nature and wildlife. Its recommended for self drive safari in Kenya to make a stop at Buffalo Springs game reserve to enjoy wildlife watching .

Flamingos in Lake Nakuru

There are two types of flamingo species: the lesser flamingo can be distinguished by its deep red carmine bill and pink plumage from the greater, which has a bill with a black tip. The lesser flamingos are the ones that are commonly pictured in documentaries mainly because they are large in number.

The number of flamingos has been decreasing recently, possibly due to too much tourism or by pollution resulting from industrial waste dumping into the water sources in the surrounding area – changes in water quality make the lake temporarily inhospitable for flamingoes. Usually, the lake recedes during the dry season and floods during the wet season.

Safari activities in Buffalo Spring Game reserve.

Below are the tourist activities to engage in while at safari in Kenya Buffalo springs national reserve

Game Drive Safaris

Wildlife Watching in Kidepo

Wildlife Game watching in Kenya on Self drive Safari is enjoyable activity on African safari and here in Buffalo springs national reserve can be carried out in an open protected landscape which is habitat to wide variety of wildlife species.

The best way to enjoy animal adventure on your game safari viewing is to use open roof safari vehicle 4x4wheel drive. Such wildlife species to be spotted on game drive include elephants, gazelles, leopards, baboons, cheetahs, buffalos, large herds of elephants, Nile crocodile among others.

4×4 Africa recommends the best guided nature walk in Buffalo Springs during your Kenya Safari as you will walk along riverine forest, Ewosa Nyiro River where you can come up with great views of animals and variety of bird species.  We do recommedn that you go with a park ranger.

Ewaso Nyiro River

One of the unique features of Buffalo Springs National Reserve is the presence of the Ewaso Nyiro River, which is the lifeline of the reserve. This river provides water to the animals throughout the year, and its banks are lined with acacia trees, creating a scenic landscape. Visitors can take a guided tour along the river to observe the wildlife and enjoy the views.

Guided Nature walk

Lake Nakuru Game drive

Cultural Experiences

Mzima Springs

This is awesome experience as tourists get interacted with locals living around the reserve, learn about their ways of life. These local people are the Samburu pastoralists who live a semi-nomadic lifestyle on the peripheries of the reserve, a visit you take to meet this Samburu people and their traditional homestead is absolutely awesome experience.

Where to stay?See lodges & Camps

Hotels in Lake Mburo National Park

Buffalo springs national reserve offers suitable accommodations ranging from luxury to budget. These facilities include;

  1. Elephants bedroom camp,
  2. Ashnil Samburu lodge,
  3. Larsen tented camp,
  4. Northern Galaxy,
  5. Josera guest house
  6. , Shamz hotel,
  7. Lion King bush camp,
  8. Isiola Bomen hotel,
  9. Grande hotel.

Best time to visit Buffalo Springs

Birding in Lake Nakuru

The best time to explore Buffalo springs game reserve in Kenya is during the wet season, the reserve is lush and full of water sources making animals disperse and difficult to spot. So, the best time to visit Kenya for Safari tour is either from June to October or December to March (dry season).

How to access Buffalo Springs

The best way to get to Buffalo Springs Game reserve in Kenya as self drive Safari travelers is to take a road trip from Nairobi takes approximately five hours, with the last 13 kilometers being a dirt road. Buffalo Springs National Reserve offers a unique experience for visitors looking to explore Kenya’s diverse wildlife and natural beauty.