Safari Lodges – Accommodations, Hotels & Campsites.

4×4 Africa lists the most recommended hotels, lodges and campsites for travelers planning Self drive Safaris or guided Safaris to East Africa & South Africa. We do offer 4wd car rental to visit Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, Zambia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and other African Countries.

Accommodations ranging from comfortable to opulent have made Africa extremely inviting to even the most discerning traveler and the adventurer as well and meeting interesting people is the perfect formula for the trip of a lifetime! Africa has such a tremendous variety of attractions that most everyone can find something fascinating to do.

Many African cities have 4-and 5-star (first class and deluxe) hotels that are comparable to lodging anywhere in the world, with air-conditioning, swimming pools, one or more excellent restaurants and bars, and superb service.


A very comfortable hotel, with air-conditioning, at least one restaurant and bar, and most with a swimming pool. Some of the luxury lodges are located close to the wildlife or primates.


A comfortable hotel with simple rooms, most with air-conditioning, a restaurant and bar, and most with a swimming pool.


A simple property that is the only or the best option in a remote area. Lodges and Camps Properties that range from comfortable to deluxe (many have swimming pools) are located in or near most parks and reserves. Many lodges and camps are located in wildlife areas 3,000 feet (915 m) or more above sea level, so air conditioning often is not necessary.

Lodges are simply “hotels in the bush.” Most lodges are constructed with concrete and mortar and are fenced, thus resulting in the sense of being removed from the bush. There is often confusion over the term “camp.” A camp can refer to chalets, bungalows or tents found in a remote location. Camps range from very basic to extremely plush. Deluxe camps often have better service and food, and most offer a truer safari atmosphere than large lodges and hotels, and the night sounds can be heard through the canvas walls  an experience, we feel, that should not be missed.

Permanent tented camps (sometimes also called “fixed tented camps”) are camps that are not moved. Aside from generally having better food and service than lodges, guests of permanent tented camps have more of a “safari” experience. They are less isolated from the environment than those who stay in a lodge. Tents are normally very large, with nice  bathrooms, and set on raised decks.

Seasonal mobile tented camps are generally located in an area for a few months and then moved to another location, according to seasonal wildlife movements. The tents are usually set on the ground, and have en suite flush toilets and safari (bucket) showers.

Find the reliable Safari Lodges to enjoy your adventure into the wild of Africa to enjoy the wildlife & primates like the mountain gorillas for gorilla trekking.