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Saiwa Swamp National Park is located near Kitale, in Trans-Nzoia County, Rift Valley Province, Kenya. It is the smallest national park in Kenya, only 3 km2, and was created as habitat for the Sitatunga, a rare aquatic antelope. There are a variety of trees at the national park. Saiwa Swamp National Park is the smallest tour destination park in Kenya, a Sanctuary of the Sitatunga antelope and packed with a lot of wildlife to explore from plants, birds, Insects and reptiles.

Where does Saiwa Swamp National Park fit into your Kenya Safari Adventure?

A veritable haven for nature lovers, the Saiwa Swamp National Park is a forested paradise filled with exotic flowers, trees and birds. It is also the habitat of the rare and endangered semi-aquatic Sitatunga antelope and as a preserve for the rare De Brazza’s monkey.

Within this tropical wetlands and mosaic of riverine forest, sedges and acacia woodlands, with fringing dense rushes and grass bedsBird life is abundant. Water birds include the lesser jacana, grey heron and the African black duck while the forest shelters the Narina trogons, the collared and orange-tufted sunbird, the yellow bishop, Hatlaub’s marsh widow bird and the Noisy Ross’s turacos which are difficult to miss.

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4×4 Africa doesn’t recommend Self drive Safaris to Sibiloi National Park and we only offer guided Safaris to Explore the wildlife. Car Rental offers to explore this lovely national park are available at affordable prices from destination experts.

Safari activities in Sibiloi National Park

There are quite number of activities tourists can engage in such as Archeological safaris, Bird watching, Camping, Fishing, camel rides, desert exploration, culture visits, bush walk and Game viewing.

Birding Safaris

Wildlife Watching in Kidepo

The park boasts with over 370 bird species some of which include; grey heron, African black duck, orange tufted sunbird, Hartlaubs Marsh widow bird, lesser jacana, Narina trogons, lesser jacana, collared sunbird, blue headed Coucal brown throated wattle eye, double toothed barbet, eastern plantain eater, grey headed nigrita, grey headed francolin, joyful greenbul, swamp fly catcher, snowy crowned Robin chat, African fish eagle, and Ross’s turaco a binocular is highly recommend


The semi-aquatic sitatunga antelopes are the main attractions of the park. Other species of herbivores can also be seen such as defassa waterbuck, bohor reedbuck and bushbuck. Sitatunga Antelope are the highlight attraction of the park, which can be easily spotted from the observation points as they duck in and out of the swamps to feed and evade been preyed on.


Sitatunga Antelope Spotting

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Photography Safaris

Mzima Springs

To traveler who wishes his nature dream for photographer’s come true visit Saiwa Swamp national park. The viewing platforms offers rewardable views over the parks wetlands, to the canopies where buzzing butterflies, insects as well as birds catch your attention.

The swamp has a mixture of animals like bushbucks, water bucks, otters, Genet cats, white colobus monkey, black colobus monkey, mongoose, De Brazza monkey, giant forested squirrel, grey duiker and Sitatunga antelopes among the rest.

Game Drives

Lake Nakuru Game drive

Where to stay?See lodges & Camps

Hotels in Lake Mburo National Park

A visitor can sleep at the Tree Top Hut which is a single unit with Kitchen and twin beds. You can as well do camping to nearby campsite to the park such as Saiwa Picnic, Event Site and Sitatunga Public Campsite. Sirikwa Tented Camp is luxurious accommodation which offers comfortable facilities like barbeques, electricity, flush toilets and hot showers.

Best time to visit.

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Saiwa Swamp national park can be visited all year around, but the best time to appreciate the environment more is in the dry season from December to March.

This is the period when migratory birds are passing through and great time to view the local sitatunga antelopes. The area is impassible from April to August when the rain is heavy.

How to access

Getting to Saiwa Swamp national park takes a driving distance of 22kilomteres from Kitale town, then at Kipsaina junction covers 5kilomters ‘’murram’’ road to access the park entrance gate ‘’Saiwa gate. This is the best way you can enjoy the country side with all the greenery and animals.