Udzungwa Mountains National park

One of the few true remaining virgin and unique forested areas in the world is Udzungwa Mountains National park. Udzungwa Mountains National park harbors one of the great east Africa’s forests and it has a sits on an area of 1,990 square kilometers. The park is bordered by the great Ruaha River in the north with Selous game reserve and Mikumi national park located fur to the north and east in Tanzania.
Udzungwa Mountains National Park was protected as a national forest reserve until 1992 when it was commissioned as a National park. It contains different habitats such as tropical rainforests, mountain forests, miombo woodlands, grasslands and steppes. Udzungwa mountains national park also hosts over 400 bird species, 2500 plant species and 25% of these are endemic, 6 primate species of which the 5 are endemic and also other wildlife.
Accommodation in Udzungwa mountains national park
Accommodations in the park are only possible for camping since there are no lodges within the park borders. There are also some guesthouses nearby the park but providing a convenient budget option.
Things to do while at Udzungwa mountains national park
Hiking: This is one of the major activities booked at Udzungwa mountains national park. Access the park on foot as you are hiking and explore the different mountains and hills in the park as you enjoy the adventurous safari.
During the hiking, enjoy the wildlife of the virgin Udzungwa forest where the forest canopy shields you from any sun heat. Observe the different species like birds, animals, primates and plant species during the walk.
Camping: Enjoy the camping site and camp fires especially during the night hours. Get entertained by the music performers like the Hondo Hondo which is a small group of the farmers which formed a drumming group that performs the drumming. Besides drums, this group also uses instruments like whistles, some wind instruments and percussions.
Bird watching: View a different bird species while having a nature walk and hikes in the park. Udzungwa mountains national park is home to over 400 bird species where some of them are endemic to the Eastern Arc Mountains and only four are found in Udzungwa. Among some of the birds include malachite kingfishers, ruppell’s vultures, woodland kingfishers, marabous, silvery cheeked hornbills, crowned eagles and others.
Wildlife viewing: Udzungwa mountains national park is a home to a number of animals including the leopards, duikers, bush bucks, miombo genets, elephants, hyenas, palm civets and others. Also the part habitats 6 primate species like Iringa red colobus, and sanje crested mangabeys which are only found in the park.
Village walks and visits: Move with a local guide while having the village tours and have a great chance of photography of the houses of the local people, and also plantations. Also, engage in local activities like cycling. A traveler can decide to move with his or her bike or rent one.
Attractions in Udzungwa mountains National park
Bird species: Udzungwa mountains national park is one of the birders haven in the republic of Tanzania. The park hosts over 400 bird species where some of them are endemic to the eastern arc mountains. Some of the birds spotted in the park include marabous, trumpeter hornbills, woodland kingfishers, silvery cheeked hornbills, malachite kingfishers and others.
Wildlife: The national park has got a number of wildlife and among them includes leopards, elephants, hyenas, miombo genets, bush bucks, palm civet and others.
Primate species: Udzungwa mountains national park is a home to about 6 primate species including the unique species like Iringa red colobus and sanje crested mangabey.
Best time to visit the park
Udzungwa mountains national park can be visited throughout the year though the best time is the dry season which is June to October.