Southern National Park, South Sudan

Stretching on an area of approximately 23,000 square kilometers, Southern National Park is a national park in South Sudan which was established in 1939. The park is near to the Sue River in the west, Gel River to the East and then Ibba River in the center. Southern national park was mainly proclaimed to protect and conserve the white rhinos and elephants from extinction. Besides these animals – rhinos and elephants, other wild animals in the park include the giant eland, waterbuck, African buffalo, hartebeest, northern white rhino, kob, lion, colobus monkey, Kordofan giraffe, oribi, korrigum, and various galagos including the Senegal bush baby and the giant forest hog.

Aside the mammal species, Southern national park is a home to numerous aqua animals which can be sighted in the rivers that flow through it. Among the species include the aba, tilapia, an eel like fish, lungfish, catfish, Nile bichir and some few crocodiles.

Best time to visit Southern National Park

Southern National park can be visited any time throughout the year but the best time for game viewing is during the dry season which is between the months of June to September.

Activities done in Southern National Park

Game drives

Enjoy the guided game drives through the park premises. During the drive, spot a number of animals in the park including the lions, hartebeest, korrigum, African buffalo, Kordofan giraffe, giant eland, waterbuck, northern white rhino, colobus monkeys and a number of galagos including the Senegal bush baby and the giant forest hogs. Southern national park is one of the best destinations for elephant and white rhino viewing since it was mainly established to protect these species.

Guided nature walks

Enjoy the guided safari walks through the trails and savannah of the park. During the walk, hike different hills in the park and also sight the different species like the birds which are along the Park Rivers, small mammals, plants and insects. Among the animals to view include the waterbucks, giraffes and many others.

Bird watching

Since it is crossed by some rivers, Southern national park is a home to a number of bird species including the pelicans and the marabou storks, black crowned carne, pink backed pelican, cattle Egret, saddle billed stork and many others.

Reptile species

A number of rivers flow through Southern National Park and they habitat different reptile species including the fish species like tilapia, Nile bichir, catfish, lungfish and a few crocodiles. All these animals can be sighted during a boat trip on the rivers.