Dinder National Park, South Sudan

Dinder national park is a national park and a biosphere reserve situated in eastern Sudan. It lies approximately 400 kilometers southeast of Khartoum on either side of the Dinder River bounded to the north by the Rahad River. The park is connected to Ethiopia’s Alitash national park and it was established in 1935. It is ecologically significant since it falls on the ecotone between the Sahel and the Ethiopian Highlands eco regions.

Dinder national park is made up of three distinct ecosystems including the riverine – riparian zone, woodland and the oxbow lake. It is a home to a number of species including more than 27 large mammal species like cheetahs and leopards, 160 species of birds, 32 species of fish and small bats, mammals, reptiles and amphibian species. The park is a major flyway that is used by the migrating birds between Eurasia and Africa and it is also a home to a number of North African ostriches.

Vegetation types of the park

Dinder national park area is along the transitional eco system of the two exotic vegetation zones known as the Ethiopian High plateau and the Sudanese arid Sahara. The park consists of different vegetation zones including the meadows, riparian forests, open savannah grasslands and the acacia woodlands.

Wildlife of the park

More than 27 large mammal species are recorded in Dinder national park. Among these animals include the bushbucks, leopards, cheetahs, gazelle, buffalo, and hyena, roan antelope, reedbucks, giraffes, hartebeest, roan, greater kudu, dik – dik, lion, jackal, African elephant, waterbuck and many others.

Bird species

Dinder national park has a largest population of the Guinea fowl. It is a home to more than 160 species of birds including the migratory and the resident birds. Among these birds in the park include the colorful starling, sunbirds, bee-eaters, egrets, rollers, common ostrich, spur winged goose, white faced whistling duck, helmeted Guinea fowl, little Grebe, Laughing Dove, marabou storks, pelicans and many others.

Amphibian species

The amphibian species at Dinder national park are led by the frogs especially the toad species. These species are eaten by the small cats, owls and different bird species which are along the riverbed.

How to access the park

Dinder national park is located in eastern South Sudan on the banks of Dinder River. The park can be accessed via Galegu Airport. The distance from Khartoum to the park headquarters is approximately 470 kilometers.

While at the park, enjoy different tour experiences with the experienced guides including the game drives, nature walks, bird watching and others. Make your safari to South Sudan more amazing and memorable by visiting Dinder national park.