Boma National park- Self Drive in South Sudan

Boma national park is a protected area in eastern south Sudan near the border of Ethiopia. The park was established in 1977 and covers an area of approximately 22,800 square kilometers of both grasslands and floodplains.

Boma national park is an important home a large population of the white eared kobs, the tiangs and the Mongalla gazelle.

The white eared kob antelope

This is the prominent species of Boma national park. The study reports records that it is mainly located in the east of River Nile in South Sudan within the wetlands and the clay plains. The white eared kob is mostly found outside the protected areas and it mostly migrates during the summer and monsoon seasons. The migration route of the white eared kob in the dry and wet season is dictated by the variation in the rainfall and flooding throughout the year which extends over 1,600 kilometers.

Besides the white eared kob, Boma national park is a home to other large mammals including the elephants, buffalos, African leopards, Nubian giraffe, Northeast African cheetah, common eland, lesser kudu, bongo, Giant eland, Nile lechwe, Lelwel hartebeest, mane less zebra, oryx, hartebeest, and waterbuck, Grant’s gazelle and many others. The national park is a great destination for the lions in South Sudan due to the fact that it is considered a lion conservation unit since 2005 together with Gambela national park of Ethiopia.

Bird species in the park

Boma national park is a home to a large population of bird species including the resident and migratory species. Among these include the Ruppell’s vulture, the black chested snake eagle and many others. Boma national park encompasses the same species like the neighboring Gambela national park in Ethiopia.

Accommodations in Boma national park

The park has a wide range accommodation facilities ranging from Budget, mid – range to luxury options. Among these include the Royal Palace Hotel, Juba Landmark Hotel, La Corte Toscana Hotel and Resort, Riviera Business Hotel and many others.

Best time to visit the park

Boma national park can be visited any time throughout the year but the best time for wildlife viewing is during the dry season which is between the months of June and September.

How to get to Boma national park

For one to reach the park, he or she will need to fly to Gambela and then drive to the park since there is no direct connection from Juba to Boma national park.