Skeleton Coast National Park in Namibia

Skeleton Coast National Park is a Namibian national park that is located in the northwestern region. The national park has the most inaccessible shores that are dotted with shipwrecks. Established in 1971, skeleton Coast National Park covers a size of approximately 16,845 square kilometers and it is divided into the northern and southern section.

The southern section of the park can be accessed by 4×4 drive vehicles and the visitors are allowed to drive up to the North where the Ugab river gate is located. Ugab river gate is where a sign with skull and crossbones warns you not to go further. The northern section of the park is off limited to all vehicles and can only be accessed by the fly in safari. While in the park, expect to view different memory catching attractions including the Shipwreck at the south west seal viewpoint, the collapsed oil drilling rig and the Huab lagoon.

Safari activities in Skeleton Coast National Park

Skeleton Coast National Park in Namibia has got a number of activities which a visitor can do to make the safari more interesting and memorable. Among these include fishing, hiking on the Ugab River trail, Kunene River excursions, Scenic Flights, visiting the cape cross seal colony and other adventurous activities.

Hiking on the Ugab River Trail

Are you an experienced hiker? This is one of the great opportunities to express your talent. The hiking experience on the Ugab River trail is led by the Nature Conservation Ranger. In this hike, you are to discover the skeleton coast while crossing the Namib Desert gravel plains and also explore the fantabulous rock formations of the Ugab River Canyon. During the hike, expect to see flora and fauna that managed to survive in the harsh environment and also some natural springs at the foot of the escarpments.

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Fishing along the Skeleton Coast

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Fishing at the Skeleton Coast National Park is mostly done at Henties Bay and it is the major activity at this place. Also, fishing is can be done at the mouth of Omaruru River and it has a variety of holiday houses.

Visiting the cape cross seal colony

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The cape cross seal colony is located north of the Henties Bay. Before establishing itself, the cape cross was known as the massive cape fur seal colony.

Explore the Skeleton Coast

Skeleton Coast National Park has two sections that is the Southern section and the Northern section. These two sections can be explored using different means of transport. With the southern section of the park, visitors can use a 4×4 safari vehicle and visit areas like shipwrecks, the ancient river canyons, salt pans, the clay castles, the rock engravings and the roaring dunes. Also in this section, a numerous Namib Desert creatures can be seen including birds, animals and marine creatures.

Southern section

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Northern Section

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To get to the northern section of the park, a visitor will have to use an exclusive fly-in. While in the northern section, enjoy different activities like the desert walks, drives and Kunene river excursions.

While exploring the park in different directions, get a great opportunity to see various animals like the Desert Dwelling Elephant, rhinos, oryx, giraffes, lion and others.

Accommodations in Skeleton Coast National Park

Skeleton Coast National Park has got a variety of accommodation facilities which are both affordable and comfortable to every client. Among these include the Shipwreck lodge, Hoanib Skeleton Coast camp, Spitzkoppen lodge, Cape cross lodge, Palm wag campsite, Hoanib valley camp, cape cross lodge and others.

Shipwreck lodge

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Hoanib Skeleton Coast camp

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Spitzkoppen lodge

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