Khaudum National Park in Namibia

Why have a safari to Khaudum National park

Having a dream of having a safari to the Republic of Namibia and haven’t figured out about the destination? It’s high time you stop the worry since the National Park of Khaudum has sorted out your problem. Khaudum National Park is among the isolated nature reserves positioned in the Kalahari Desert at the west of the Caprivi Strip in the northeast of Namibia. Though it is a remote and very inaccessible reserve, it hosts a variety of wildlife including some of the magnificent animals like the lions, hyenas, elephants and others.

Lions in Khaudum National Park

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Omiramba – Nhoma River

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Khaudum National Park is located in Kalahari Desert and the three largest dry rivers that are known as Omiramba – Nhoma, Cwiba and Khaudum run through it. These rivers are very important in playing an ecological role when they run during the rainy season.

Safari activities Khaudum National Park

Khaudum National Park has got a variety of safari activities that will surely make your safari more interesting and memorable. Among these activities include wildlife viewing, nature walks, bird watching and others.


Bird watching

Khaudum National park is surely one of the birder’s havens in the Republic of Namibia. Over 320 bird species inhabit the premises of the park more especially during the months of November to March. Among these birds include the parrots, ostriches, rare shoebills and over 50 birds of prey. When going for this experience, remember to move with the recording book and a pair of binoculars.


Game drive

Enjoy a guided game drive through the different trails of the park and spot different wildlife. The park hosts a number of big games or animals including over 500 African bush elephants, a number of Angolan giraffes, and the antelope species like roan antelope, kudu, elands, lyre Antelope, reedbucks and others.

Still on the game drive, sight a variety of predators like a large population of lions, leopards, jackals, cheetahs, cape wild dogs, spotted hyenas and others. The best time for animal viewing in the park is during the months of June to October.

Addo game drive

Safari walks

Get a chance to explore the park from different perspectives by taking part in the walking safaris. This experience is so adventurous and thus will expose you to a beautiful features and views in the national park. Among the expected attractions to be seen during the walk include; bird species, some wildlife, hills, rivers in the park and others.


Tracks4Africa Padkos - Khaudum Camp (Khaudum NP)

Khaudum National Park has six campsites and hiking sites in the primary foot activity.

Accommodations in Khaudum National Park

Khaudum National Park has got a variety of accommodation facilities that are both affordable and comfortable to every client. Among the accommodations include the Tsumkwe lodge, Khaudum, Khaudum campsite, Nhoma safari camp and others.

Tsumkwe lodge in Khaudum National Park

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