Limpopo National Park, Mozambique

Limpopo National Park is national park in the province of Gaza in the Republic of Mozambique. The park was born when the status of Coutada 16 Wildlife Utilization Area and was changed from the hunting concession to a protected area. It forms part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park with the Kruger National Park in South Africa and the Gonarezhou National Park in Zimbabwe.

Limpopo National Park stretches through different districts including Chicualacuala district covering 6,400 square kilometers, Massingir district which covers 2,100 square kilometers and Mabalane district which is 1,500 square kilometers. It is part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park a 35,000 square kilometer peace park that adjoins the park to Kruger National park of South Africa, Gonarezhou National park, Manjinji Pan Sanctuary and Malipati Safari Area of Zimbabwe. Also, the Great Limpopo Transfrontier links the park to the area between Kruger and Gonarezhou, the Sengwe communal land in Zimbabwe and the Makuleke region of South Africa.

Wildlife of Limpopo National Park

Animal species

Limpopo National Park is a home to a number of mammalian species including the elephants, rhinos, and blue wildebeest, spotted hyena, Cape buffalo, kudu, mongoose, giraffe, zebra, oribi, hippos and others. Also, the park habitats different predators like the lions, leopards, cape wild dog and many others.

Bird species

Limpopo national park hosts a variety of bird species including the migratory and resident birds. Among the birds in the park include Bateleur, lappet faced vulture, lilac breasted roller, saddle billed stork, kori bustard, spur winged goose, helmeted Guineafowl, African black duck, Red eyed dove, Egyptian goose, Natal francolin, crested francolin and many others.

Safari activities in the park

There are a variety of experiences that a traveller can do while on a safari in Limpopo national park in the Republic of Mozambique. Among the activities include the following;

Guided game drives

Due to the fact that Limpopo national park is a home to a number of wild animals including the elephants, cape buffalos, blue wildebeest, kudu, spotted hyenas, and the predators like lions, leopards, wild dogs and others. To sight all these animals, take part in the guided game drive through the trails of the park where u will view them from their habitats. The park conducts three game drives in a day that is morning, afternoon and evening game drive.

Safari walks

Explore the park on foot and view different features like the vegetation of the park, birds, plants and some animal species. During the walk, have a spectacular view of the beauty scenery of the park.

Fishing experiences

This experience at the park is done on the river of Machampane. This river has got a variety of fish species which when caught, you are allowed to book a chef at the bank to help you with the cooking or even do the cooking by yourself.

Hiking and trailing

Hike through the different trails of the park and exercise your body and also improve on the body fitness. During the hike, spot a number of attractions in the park like valleys, rivers, mountains, bird species and some animals.

Bird watching

Limpopo national park is a home to a number of bird species thus making it one of the birders paradise in the Republic of Mozambique. Among the birds in the park include the common ostrich, white faced whistling duck, spur winged goose, African black duck, Egyptian goose, crested guineafowl, red eyed dove, ring necked dove, laughing dove, natal francolin, crested francolin, black bellied bustard, double banded sand grouse, gray go away bird, red crested bustard, white browed coucal, red chested cuckoo and many others.