Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve in Kenya

Endowed with beautiful and enticing coral reefs, Mombasa Marine National park and reserve is both a marine park and a national reserve situated on the coast of Kenya in Mombasa near the tourist areas. The park is the most visited marine of all Kenya’s marine parks and the park sits on 10 square kilometers while the reserve sits on an area of 200 square kilometers.

Mombasa Marine National park and reserve is popular because of the activities that are done while there. Among the most done activities include snorkeling and diving. Other activities are boat riding, water skiing, windsurfing, fishing and wildlife viewing both on land and underwater. Also, the reserve hosts different variety of marine species including the stone fish, corals, turtles, starfish, and also some of the migratory bird species like crab plovers. The sandy beaches, Azure Ocean, palm trees and other amazing views and attractions will surely make your Kenyan safari fur memorable and unforgettable.

Best time to visit Mombasa Marine National park and reserve

Dry season of July to October and January to February is the best time to travel to the reserve. That season allows one to take part in different activities like sun bathing, bird watching and also exploring of the reserve.

What to do while in Mombasa Marine National park and Reserve

A number of activities can be done at the reserve but the pleasure ones like snorkeling, fishing, diving, windsurfing, bird watching and water skiing and the most done.

Boat riding

Enjoy the guided boat ride on the marine waters and sight different marine species like stone fish, turtles, starfish, turtles, and others. Also during a boat ride, sight the beautiful bird species including the residential and migratory birds like crab plovers.

Bird watching

Mombasa Marine National park reserve is among the reserves where one can sight the different colorful bird species especially the water birds. Among the birds in the reserve include the residential and migratory birds. Among them include the crab plovers and others.


Besides exploring the reserve, a tourist is allowed to take part in the guided fishing along the fishing grounds of the marine. After catching your fish, you can cook it by yourself or even hire a chef at the reserve to help you out.

Marine life viewing

Mombasa Marine National park is endowed with amazing and beautiful marine species including sea grasses, stone fish, starfish, angelfish, dolphin, green sea turtle, humpback dolphin, zebra fish, turtles, spinner dolphin and others.

Among the other activities to do while in the park include snorkeling, water skiing, sun bathing, and others.

Where to stay while at the park

A variety of accommodation facilities are available to the guests who visit Mombasa Marine National Park. Among them include the campsites, lodges and hotels which range from luxury, midrange and budget suites. The accommodations are; Afro chic Diani, Funzi keys, Nyali International hotel, New palm tree hotel, Creek side hotel, Plaza hotel, Alfa Jiri villas, Travellers beach hotel, Hotel English point hotel and others.

How to get to Mombasa Marine National Park and reserve

The reserve is located on the coast of Kenya just 487 km away from Nairobi the capital of Kenya. It can be accessed by the use of road and air transport to Mombasa city. After reaching Mombasa, one hires a boat to the reserve since they are always available.

Enjoy your safe, lovely and amazing safari to Kenya.