Mole National Park in Ghana

Mole national park is Ghana’s largest wildlife park located in the savannah region of the country on the savannah and riparian ecosystems. It has two rivers that flow through it which are Levi and Mole Rivers which leave behind the drinking holes during the long spy season. Mole national park area receives about 10 mm of rainfall annually.

Mole national park was first set aside in 1958 as a wildlife refuge but later in 1971, it was designated into a national park after the relocation of the human population. It is a refuge to a number of wildlife including plants, mammals, reptiles, birds, primates and many others.

Vegetation of the park

Mole national park is made up of savannah grasses and various tree species including Burkea Africana, Isoberlinia doka, and Terminalia macroptera. Other known species include the spikesedge, kyllinga echinata, Aneilema and others. The park comprises of the trees, shrubs, and the herbaceous plants. Among the tree species include Adansonia digitata, Afzelia Africana, Burkea Africana, cassia sieberana, Lannea acida, sterculia setigera and many others. Among the shrubs in the park include the Tinnsea, Urginea, flueggea virosa and others. With the herbaceous plants, they include Abutilon ramosum, ruellia, sida urens, mariscus alternifolius and others.

What to see while in the park

Mole national park is made up of different attractions which will definitely catch both one’s eyes and minds. Among these attractions include;

Mammal species

Mole national park records more than 93 mammal species and the largest population is for the elephants, hippos, buffalos and warthogs. The park is also a primary African conserve for antelope species including the kob, waterbucks, hartebeest, oribi, defassa, the bushbuck and the two duiker species which include the red duiker and the yellow backed duiker.

Primate species

Mole national park is a home to a number of primate species including the olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, the green vervet, patas, monkeys and many others.

Reptile species

Mole national park is a refuge to more than 33 species of reptiles including the Nile crocodiles which can be sighted along the rivers – Mole and Levi which drain through it. Other reptile species include the slender snouted and the dwarf crocodiles.

Bird species

With more than 344 species of birds recorded in the park, they include the resident and migratory birds. Among these birds include the martial eagle, saddle billed storks, violet turaco, Abyssinian roller, shrikes, red throated bee- eater, herons, egrets, palm nut vultures, shrikes and many others.

While on a safari at Mole national park in Ghana, take part in various safari activities including the game drives, nature walks, bird watching, and many others.

Where to stay while at the park

While at Mole national park, there is Mole Motel which is situated inside the park. The motel has 33 ensuite rooms and dormitories. The motel has the single, double and family rooms which have three double bed rooms with a bathroom and toilet. The rooms are affordable to every person ranging at budget, mid-range and luxurious rates. Other accommodations include Zaina lodge, Catholic Guest house, Home touch guest house and many others.