Rusizi National Park Burundi

Rusizi national park is a national park is in the Republic of Burundi positioned next to the River of Rusizi. The park is about 15 kilometers north of the city of Bujumbura the capital of Burundi. Rusizi national park is the most famous park among all the National parks and reserves of Burundi and it is also the most visited of all. In French, the official language of Burundi, the park is referred to as the Parc National de la Rusizi.

Rusizi national park is divided into two significant areas which are separated by the Bujumbura – Uvira road. Between these areas, the larger part lies on the eastern bank of Rusizi River and it is 2 kilometers wide and 45 kilometers long and it consists of the acacia trees, grasslands and the shrubs which are dominating the wild vegetation.

Another section of the park is the delta of River Rusizi draining into Lake Tanganyika and this section is situated south of the highway. The river delta is characterized of the small islands, channels, water streams and the papyrus beds.

Wildlife of the park

Animal species

Rusizi National park was mainly gazetted to protect the hippos that encompass on the delta river. Other animals in the park include the antelopes, monkeys and others.

Bird species

Rusizi national park records more than 200 species of birds that are resident to the park. Among these include the Sharpe’s pied babbler, red chested sunbird, cisticola, Angola weaver, the yellow browed cistril, Baglafecht weaver and many others. Also, the park is a home to some of the migrant birds including; the African skimmer, white winged tern and others.

Safari activities in the park

Enjoy a variety of activities in the park including nature walks, birding, village visits, fishing and others

Game viewing

Rusizi national park was mainly established to protect hippos that lived on the river of Delta. Besides the hippos, the park encompasses other animal species including; the antelopes, monkeys and many others.

Bird watching

Expect to spot a number of bird species in Rusizi national park since it is a home to more than 200 species of birds including the migratory birds and the resident. Among the birds sighted in the park include the red chested sunbirds, yellow browed cistril, red chested sunbird, Angola weaver, Baglafecht weaver, African skimmers, the white winged tern and many others.


Enjoy the fishing experience on the River of Rusizi and Lake Tanganyika. After catching the fish, you can book one of the chefs at the park to help you with the cooking or even be provided with fire and others stuffs used in preparations.

Game walks

Explore the national park of Rusizi on foot and sight different features like hills, lakes, rivers, and valleys that are in the park premises. During the walk, expect to spot various wildlife like animals, plants and also bird species.

Best time to visit the park

Rusizi national park is best during the dry months of June to September and it is the best time for safari walks in the park.