Chobe National Park in Botswana

Positioned in the north region of Botswana, Chobe National Park is Botswana’s first national park to be established in 1967 and also the most biologically diverse destination. The national park is the third country’s largest park after the Central Kalahari Game reserve and Gemsbok national park. In the whole of the African continent, Chobe National park is recorded as one of the countries with the highest concentration of games. The park is known for hosting a large population of lions which prey on the elephants more especially the calves, and the juveniles.

Sitting on an area of approximately 11,700 square kilometers, the area of Chobe National Park was first inhabited by the san Bushmen. These people were nomadic hunter gatherers who were moving to different places in search of food sources like animals, water and also some fruits. Chobe National Park encompasses different features including the swamps, woodlands and also the floodplains.

Chobe National Park is divided into 4 areas where each of them corresponds to one distinct ecosystem. Among the areas include the Serondela area which is situated in the Northeast of the park,  Savuti Marsh area stretching in the western part, Linyanti Marsh in the northwest corner of the park and lastly between the Linyanti and Savuti Marshes.

Safari activities in Chobe National Park

There are numerous activities that can be done while on a safari to Chobe National Park. These activities will surely make your safari memorable and amazing. Among these include game drives, nature walks, birding, river cruise and others.

Game drives in Chobe national park

With almost the highest population of games in the whole of the African continent, Chobe national park is one of the best destinations for game drives. Game drive experience involves driving through the trails of the park using 4×4 safari vehicles. The experience exposes you to a variety of wildlife in the national park including the elephants and the cape buffalos. In the park, two game drives are done at different times that is; morning and afternoon game drives. Sight different animals while having this activity including the monkeys, waterbucks, and giraffes, roan, sable, impalas, bushbucks, lechwe and others.

Chobe national park is also a home to various predators and thus should be sighted through the windows of the safari vehicles. Among these predators include the lions, hyenas, jackals, and the leopards.

Boat cruise

Experience the park and almost all the species in it by having a boat cruise on the River of Chobe. Among the animals you will get close to during the experience include the Nile crocodiles, hippo and various water birds.

Bird watching

Chobe national park is a home to over 460 bird species thus making it one of the birder’s paradises in the Republic of Botswana. Among the birds noted in the park include the spur winged Geese, pel’s fishing owl, s cred ibis, Egyptian Geese, carmine Bee eaters, the martial eagle, various members of the stork family and others.

Nature walk

Explore the national park on foot by taking part in walking safaris. During this experience, sight different features in the park including the rivers, valleys, trees, animals, birds, insects and others. While going for the walks, wear protective clothes like gumboots, hats, and long sleeved shirts. These will protect you from the scratches of the tree branches.

Accommodations in Chobe National Park

Chobe National Park has a various accommodation facilities which are both affordable and comfortable to every client. These accommodations are rated in different ranges including the budget, mid-range and luxurious ranges. Among the accommodations include Chobe safari lodge, Savute Elephant lodge, and Elephant valley lodge, Kwalape safari lodge, Muchenje safari lodge, Bridgetown Resort and others.