Nyanga National Park

Nyanga National Park lies in the north of Zimbabwe’s Eastern Highlands. One of the first national parks to be declared in the country, it contains the highest land in Zimbabwe, with green hills and perennial rivers. Most of its terrain consists of rolling downland, sometimes lightly wooded, lying at altitudes between 1,800–2,593 metres. Mount Nyangani, the highest point in Zimbabwe, lies in the centre of the park and Mutarazi Falls, Zimbabwe’s highest waterfall, is in the south of the park. Nyanga National park incorporates the former Mutarazi Falls National Park on its southern boundary.

The park is well watered by numerous streams and rivers. The central and eastern parts of the park form part of the Zambezi Basin. The Nyangombe River, whose tributaries include the Mare River and the Nyamuziwa River, and the Kayirezi River both flow north out of the park, ultimately to join the Mazowe River. The Pungwe River rises at the foot of Nyangani and flows southwards through the park before dropping 787 feet into the densely wooded Pungwe Gorge. The Mutarazi Falls a few kilometres south of the Pungwe Gorge have a 2,499-foot drop and are Zimbabwe’s highest waterfall; they drop in two stages over granite cliffs into the Honde River valley, which lies outside the park and is a major tea-planting area.

Nyanga National Park -

Five dams

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Five dams have been constructed for recreation and tourist water supply: Rhodes Dam and Mare Dam on the Mare River, Lake Gulliver and Purdon Dams on tributaries of the Mare River and Udu Dam on a tributary of the Nyangombe River.

Granite in the park

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Most of Nyanga National Park is underlain by granite. The highest mountains are composed of Umkondo Group dolerite and sandstone, with the harder dolerite forming cliffs and ridges and the granite-dolerite contact often forming waterfalls.

Safari activities in Nyanga National Park

Hiking Mt Nyangani

This gigantic mountain stretches up to 2592m in height; its peak is a 1-3 hour climb trekking from any of the 4 base-entry points for anyone of average fitness. One of the things you will find true about it, is the promise of a challenging climb to remember to for mountain hikers and bikers. Mt. Nyangani’s vegetation is composed of heath covering its summit plateau, dense grassland on the western side and an ever-green forest along the damper eastern slopes. Mount Nyangani is about 110 km North West Mutare.

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Mutarazi Falls Skywalk

The Sky Walk is truly unique, a first for Zimbabwe and the world. The 2 suspension bridges are designed to look like vines above the falls allowing for the first time a full panoramic view of the Mutarazi Falls and its surroundings. The Sky Walk consists of two bridges – the one 30m that take you over the lip of the fall and the other 90m that is above the entire fall. If you ever dreamed of walking in midair then this is for you. Activity takes roughly 10 minutes. This is an activity offered by Far and wide and the activity site is 12km from our property.

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Nyangombe falls

Meet this series of cascading waterfalls on the western tip of the Nyanga National Park, another one of the numerous waterfalls within the terrains of Nyanga. If you can, one of the must-do acts that you will not regret as you reminisce over your experience here is to get a drone-shot while you sit or stand on the summit of the falls.

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Mutarazi falls

The Mutarazi Falls is the highest waterfall in Zimbabwe, the second highest in Africa (after the Tugela Falls in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa which are 948 metres or 3,110 feet) and seventeenth highest in the world. The walk through the shady forest before winding through the sweet-smelling heathland to arrive at the view point with its spectacular views over the Honde valley really makes for an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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Nyamuziwa falls

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The Nyamuziwa falls are a multi-tiered waterfall which is located in Nyanga as well within the national park. They are found on the Nyamuziwa River and offer beautiful views around it. They are one of the Nyanga attractions for holidaymakers in the area.

Pungwe falls

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The Pungwe Falls flows across the Mozambique border and eventually into   the Indian Ocean. The source of the water is the Pungwe River which flows throughout the year. The Pungwe Falls are one of the scenic highlights of Zimbabwe. The landscape leading toward the horizon is uncluttered by human habitation or roads, the air is cool and fresh.

Nyakupinga falls

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These waterfalls are located just a few kilometres from our property (a walking distance). Very beautiful and scenic. The cascading waterfall has got many swimming points which make it ideal for families to spend their day at the falls braaing and swimming.

Rhodes Museum

Rhodes Nyanga Historical Exhibition – National Trust of Zimbabwe

The Rhodes Museum is a small museum which provides some insight into the area, photographs, documentation of 19th century interaction between the British and locals. It also holds a sizeable number of personal items that belonged to Cecil John Rhodes.

Where to stay at Nyanga national park?

You really want to get acquainted with Nyanga’s best tourist attractions, it’s a good idea to make Juliasdale your base or book accommodation at various locations. With that in mind, here are the best places to stay in Nyanga. Nyanga National Park Chalets, Blue Swallows, Troutbeck Resort, Skydeck Mountain Retreat

Nyanga National Park Chalets

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When to go? Best time to visit

Wet season (November to March) situation in Nyanga National park.

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The scenery is at its best in the Wet season (November to March) or the beginning of the Dry season (April-May). At this time, the vegetation will be lush and green, and the air will be clear and crisp.

How to Access Nyanga national park?

From Rusape, follow the Nyanga road for 90 km and turn right at the main park entrance. From Mutare– take Harare- Mutare road for 11 km and turn right at Juliasdale road. Follow this road for 85 km to the end and turn right towards Nyanga village and then right at the main park entrance.


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