Waterberg Plateau National Park in Namibia

Waterberg Plateau is a national park in the central Namibia on the Waterberg plateau 68 kilometers south-east of Otjiwarongo. The national park of Waterberg and the plateau are named after the prominent table mountain called Waterberg that rises from the plateau. It is located north of Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. The Waterberg Plateau is a particularly prominent location that elevates high above the plains of the Kalahari of Eastern Namibia.

Covering an area of approximately 405 square kilometers, Waterberg plateau national park was declared a nature reserve in 1972. It encompasses diverse and rich species including over 200 different bird species, rare species of small antelopes on the lower hills of the mountain.

Safari attraction in Waterberg Plateau National Park

Waterberg: This is one of the main attractions in Waterberg plateau national park. The national park derived its name from the Waterberg. The Waterberg covers 50 kilometers long and 16 kilometers wide Table Mountain. Rising from the plains to the height of 200 meters, the attraction is a home to the numerous rare games including the buffalos, sable, black and white rhino and many others.

Wildlife species: Waterberg Plateau National Park is a home to various animal species including the migratory and residential animals. Among these animals include the black and white rhinos, buffalos, rare species of small antelopes, sables and others.

Bird species: With over 200 species of birds, Waterberg Plateau National Park is surely one of the birding paradises in the republic of Namibia. Among these birds include the residential and the migratory birds from different countries and regions. Among them include the Augur Buzzard, Cape Vulture, African green pigeon, Lanner falcon, Coqui francolin and others.

Safari experiences in Waterberg Plateau National Park

Plateau hike: Hiking to the top of the 50 kilometer long and 16 kilometer wide Table Mountain is such an amazing and adventurous experience. The Waterberg plateau rises from the plains to the height of up to 200 meters. During the hiking, spot different bird species, flora and games like buffalos, black and white rhinos and others.

Bird watching: In this experience, the visitor will spot different species of birds including the residential and the migratory ones. Among these birds include the lanner falcon, Coqui francolin, cape vulture, augur buzzard, African green pigeon and others.

Rhino tracking: This experience involves moving and trailing through Waterberg Plateau national park so as to trace the movements of the rhinos on foot. Rhino tracking gives a visitor a great chance to know more about the lifestyles of the rhinos like their feeding habits, how they mate, how they reproduce and other ways.

Cultural safaris: While at a safari in Waterberg National Park take part in the cultural or village tours where you will get entertained by the local people of Herero. Get a chance to know more about the cultural practices of these people like dances, songs, poems, folks and others.

Wildlife viewing: Enjoy a guided nature walk and game drive through the trails of Waterberg national park and sight different endangered wildlife. Among the animals expected to be seen include the leopards, cheetahs, buffalos, black and white rhinos and others.