Murchison Falls National Park

Positioned in the north-western region of Uganda, Murchison Falls National park is the oldest and largest national park in Uganda and it was first known as Kabalega National park. The park spreads inland from the shores of Lake Albert around the Victoria Nile to Karma falls. Managed by the Uganda wildlife Authority, Murchison Falls National Park sits on an area which is approximately 3,893 square kilometers with mighty Murchison Falls as the main attraction. The magical falls attract a number of people from different continents to see the narrow gap of only 7 meters where the waters of the Nile squeeze before plunging 43 meters.

Besides the magical waterfalls, the park also conserves the Budongo forest reserve which is a home to over 76 mammal species, 450 bird species and also the largest Uganda’s population of the Nile crocodiles.

Safari attractions in Murchison falls National Park

The Mighty Murchison falls

This is the main attraction in the park due to the fact that the park was named after these falls. The waterfalls are located on River Nile and the waters battle with the packed rocks while forcefully squeezing through the narrow 7 meters gap into the 50 meters radius water pool. During the falls, the powerful waters forma loud roar as they spray to the pool.

River Nile

River Nile is the second attraction in Murchison falls National Park. The river is listed as the longest river in the world and it has its source in the district of Jinja In Uganda. River Nile flows through Murchison Falls national park and it attracts a large population of hippos, crocodiles and the species of water birds along its sand banks. Explore the river to the fullest by taking part in launch trip to the bottom of the mighty waterfalls and view a number of animals and birds.

Buligi Game area

This is an area in the park with open savannah grasslands, woodlands, and acacia. The area is the best place in the park to view the wildlife while having a game drive. The game drives are done in the morning and afternoon times. Buligi game area is positioned between the Victoria Nile and Albert Nile.

Bird species

Hosting over 450 bird species, Murchison falls national park is one of the best destinations for birders. The park consists of a variety of water birds which surround the banks of River Nile. Among these birds in the park include; rare shoebill stork, goliath heron, the elegant grey crowned cranes, swamp flycatcher, red throated bee- eater,  African jacana, Abyssinian ground hornbill and others.

Animal species

Comprising of over 76 mammal species, Murchison Falls National park is truly one of the best destinations for game viewing in Uganda. These animals can be seen when having a game drive through the open savannah and woodlands of the park. Among the animals in the park include elephants, Cape buffalo, hippos, hartebeest, warthogs, giraffes and others.

Primate species

Murchison Falls National Park is home to a variety of primate species with over 800 chimpanzees. Other primates include black and white colobus monkey, red tailed monkeys and olive baboons. During a nature walk, these primates can be seen in Budongo forest and Kaniyo Pabidi.

Paraa Area

Having a safari to Murchison falls national park and don’t explore the home of hippos- Paraa is not a tour. Paraa area is located on the banks of River Nile. Enjoy a number of activities while at this area like game drives, birding, nature walks and boat trips.

Budongo Forest

Budongo Forest is located in the southwestern part of Murchison Falls National park. It has a high diversity of animals, birds, butterflies and primates. Among the animals in the forest include elephants, warthogs, olive baboons, chimpanzees and others. The forest also includes a variety of tree species which are over 210 species.

How to get to Murchison falls national park.

Positioned in the northern region of Uganda, Murchison falls national park can be accessed by the use of both road and air means of transport. The park is found in north western direction of Kampala Uganda’s capital. The drive from Kampala to the park takes about 3 hours.

When using air transport, one can fly Entebbe airport or Kajansi airstrip to Chobe airstrip.

Accommodations in Murchison Falls National park

The park has a wide range of accommodations which are both affordable and comfortable to every client. These accommodations range from budget, mid-range and luxury. Among them include Nile safari lodge, Chobe Safari lodge, Bakers Lodge, Budongo Eco lodge, Yebo Safari camp, Parkside safari Lodge, Murchison River lodge, Fort Murchison safari lodge, Kabalega wilderness lodge, Pakuba Safari lodge and others.

Enjoy a lifetime experience by having Uganda safaris to different destinations besides Murchison Falls National Park. These destinations include Queen Elizabeth National Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National park and others.