Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National park is a Ugandan park positioned in Nyabushozi County, in kiruhura district near Mbarara in the western region. The park is about 30 kilometers east of Mbarara and about 240 kilometers west of the capital of Uganda – Kampala. Lake Mburo national park was first gazetted in 1933 preserving it from the hunters and in 1963; it was upgraded as a game reserve.

Occupying an area of approximately 260 square kilometers, Lake Mburo National Park hosts a variety of mammal species, primate species and also bird species which are over 300 in number. Among the animals in the park include impalas, hippos, zebras, common eland, warthogs, African buffalos and others. Also, Lake Mburo national park is a home to some predators like leopards, lions, hyenas, jackals, serval cats, genets and others. While on a safari in Lake Mburo National park, a number of there are numerous attractions one can do and also activities to take part in.

Safari attractions in Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo

This is the main attraction in the national park since the park was renamed form it. The lake’s banks attract a variety of animal and bird species including the crocodiles and hippos. Bird species include Malachite kingfishers, African fish eagles, Rufous long-tailed starlings, pelicans, herons, hammerkops, rare shoebills and others.

Rwonyo rest camp

This is regarded as the center of all tourism activities in the park. This is where most activities in the park like game drives, nature walking and forest walks begin from.

Rubanga forest

This forest is located on the western side of the park. It provides a clear view of different species in the park including the tree species, bird species and some animal species. Among the birds to spot in the park include Narina trogon, harrier hawk, grey backed cameroptera and others.

Safari activities In Lake Mburo National Park

Game viewing

With over 70 mammal species and 300 bird species, Lake Mburo National park is one of the best options in Uganda to view the wildlife. The animals can be seen during game drive through the trails of the park, during an optional boat cruise and also during a guided nature walk through the short savannahs of the park. Lake Mburo National park has a large concentration of healthy giraffes and hippos and also crocodiles in Lake Mburo. Spot a variety of bird species along the lake shores while having a boat cruise.

Horseback riding

Lake Mburo National Park is the only park in Uganda where game viewing is done while on a horseback. The experience is done at Mihingo lodge under the guide and supervision of a game ranger. Explore the splendid beauty of Lake Mburo National park while on 1-3 hours horseback.

Night game drive

Lake Mburo National park is one of the destinations where travelers can carry out night game drives. This experience involves searching for the nocturnal animals in the park. Among these animals include porcupine, leopards, white tailed mongoose, bush babies and others.

Boat cruise

Enjoy the amazing views of the fauna and flora in Lake Mburo National park while on a boat cruise on Lake Mburo National park.  Animal species seen while on the boat cruise include crocodiles, hippos and others. Also, travelers can sight bird species like African fish eagles, king fishers, herons, rare African fin foot, hammerkops and others.


With over 300 bird species, Lake Mburo National Park is one of the best places for bird spotting. Remember to carry your binoculars to view beautiful and amazing bird species. A numerous birds can be seen during a safari walk through the park and also during a boat cruise. Among the birds in the park include pelicans, King Fishers, rare shoe bills, hammerkops, herons, cormorants, and others.

Cultural encounters

Lake Mburo National park is neighbored by the community of the Bahima, Banyankole people. These are people who practice cattle rearing. Learn more from these local people like ghee making and others. Also, enjoy their stories, dances and songs.


This activity is done on Lake Mburo. The lake has got 6 fish species including tilapia fish, lung fish, cat fish, Angara fish, tiger fish, and barbell fish. Enjoy the activity by the guidance of a ranger at the major fishing spot of Mazinga.