Mikumi National park in Tanzania

Also called little Serengeti due to the comparison the two national parks’ (Serengeti national park and Mikumi National park) landscape, Mikumi National park is the fourth largest national park in the republic of Tanzania established in 1964. The park is near Morogoro in Tanzania crossed by Tanzania’s A-7 highway and it covers an area of about 3,230 square kilometers.

Mikumi National park borders Selous Game reserve on the south and two other natural areas of Udzungwa Mountains and Uluguru mountains.  The park also has Malundwe Mountain which is the highest of a belt of hills running east and west through the park as it connects the Uluguru Mountains to the northeast with the Uvidunda and Udzungwa mountains to the west.

If one of your goals for traveling is spotting the big five (lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo), then Mikumi National park is a must go destination. Other animals include buffalos, wildebeest, zebras, crocodiles, giraffes and others.




Including the big five animals- lion, elephant, leopard, rhino and buffalo, Mikumi National park host a number of wildlife including the predators and preys. Among the animals in the park- wildebeests, crocodiles, giraffes, and others.

Bird species.

These are one of the main attractions in Mikumi National park. The park boasts over 500 bird species including the migratory and residential birds. Among the birds include Zanzibar Red bishop, lilac breasted roller, yellow throated long claw, bateleur eagle and others.

Marabou stork

What to do while at Mikumi National park

Bird watching.

Black bellied bustard

Mikumi National is a home to over 500 bird species thus regarded as one of the birders haven. The birds in the park include the migratory and residential birds and among them include the lilac breasted roller, bateleur eagle, yellow throated long claw, open billed stock, Zanzibar red bishop and others.

Nature walks and hikes.

Have the guided nature walks and hikes through the different trails of the park. Among the trails in the park include lodge trails, vuma trails, and Kikogoba trail. The best times to have these walks are the early morning and evening and they may take about 1-3hours.

Picnic places in Mikumi National Park

Picnic places

Camping: Mikumi National park has got two camping sites that are the public campsite and private campsite. The campsites in the public ground are named 1, 3 and 5 situated in Vuma hills and Mkta plains while the private campsite in Vuma area is named 4.

Mikumi-National-Park camping

Game drives: Enjoy a guided game drive in and around the park. The southwestern part of the park has two artificial pools inhabited by hippos. The must see other animals in the park include black antelopes, giraffes, eland, impala, zebras, elephants, lions, wildebeest, buffalos, rhinos, leopards, crocodiles and others. Remember that most of these animals should be viewed through the windows of the car since they are dangerous.

Mikumi National Park

Picnicking: Enjoy your picnics at one of the picnic grounds in Mikumi National park. The park has got two picnic grounds- Millennium and Kusungura which are located in Mkta plains.

Visit Mikumi National park mostly during the dry seasons – May to October for the best and clear views of wildlife. But one can decide to visit the park at any time throughout the year.

Where to stay while at Mikumi National park

Mikumi National park is facilitated with a wide range of accommodations with different rates – luxury, mid-range and budget rates that can be afforded by every client. Among them include Mikumi Resort, Vuma Hills Tented camps, Tan-Swiss lodge, Camp Bastian Mikumi,  Faru luxury tented camp, Voyage Village hotel, Vuma hills, Angalia tented camp, Matembezi safari lodge, Mikumi safari lodge, Mikumi adventure lodge, Mikumi safari cottages and many different others.

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