Quicama National park in Angola

Also known as Kissama National Park, Quicama National Park is a national park in northwestern Angola. It is the only functioning national park in the Republic of Angola after other being in disrepair due to the Angolan Civil war. Quicama National Park covers an area of approximately 12,000 square kilometers which is more than twice the size of the United States or State of Rhode Island.

With a distance of approximately 70 kilometers from Luanda the capital of Angola, Quicama National Park is bordered on the west by 120 kilometers of the Atlantic Ocean’s coast; the River of Cuanza forms the northern boundary and then the Longa River in the southern border.  The park was established as a game reserve in 1938 but later in January 1957, it was proclaimed as a national park by the Portuguese administration of the Overseas Province of Angola. The majority of national park is characterized of the savannah grasslands, baobab forests and the dense vegetation.

Quicama National Park is one of the parks that participate in the Lion Conservation Unit program that help in repopulating the world’s lion population. Besides the lions, the park is a home to other wildlife species though not abundant as those in the neighboring countries’ national parks. Among these animals include the buffalos, elands, giraffes, elephants, wildebeest, waterbuck, roan antelope, zebras, ostrich and others.

Also, Quicama is one of the bird lover’s havens with a numerous species of birds that are both residential and migratory birds. The ray of birds in the park makes it one of the best destinations for bird watching in the Republic of Angola.

Things to do while in Quicama National park

Hiking and walking safaris

Explore the wilderness and beauty of the national park on foot. This guided walk experience is a great opportunity for a visitor to sight different features like rivers, mountains, sand dunes, hills, small animals and also different bird and plant species.

Beack walk or trail

Have a splendid experience of viewing the coastline as it meets up with the floodplains and the hills of the national park by taking part in the beach walk. This activity involves hiking on the beach along the coast and it exposes one to a number of attractions and moments.

Bird watching

Quicama National Park is one of the bird lover’s havens in the Republic of Angola with a variety of bird species including the residential and migratory birds. Among the birds to be sighted in the park include the palm tree vultures, the king fishers, the eagle, the African osprey and many different others. All these bird species make the park to be ranked among the best destinations in the country for bird watching.