Day 1 Doha-Nairobi (Kenya) – Kampala/Uganda city tour
● 06:05 Arrive in Kenya, catch a flight to Kampala (Uganda)
● 08:15 Arrive in Kampala and go through immigration procedures.
● After that, visit some of the following locations:
○ Uganda National Museum – East Africa’s oldest museum, which displays
antiquities belonging to Uganda’s history and traditional culture.
● 12:00 Lunch at the restaurant, afternoon schedule will be:
○ Uganda Mansion, Kampala’s most magnificent building with classic Western
○ Kasubi Tomb – a place to commemorate the kings of the Ugandan kingdom,
was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in 2001 and is a
place not to be missed when visiting Kampala.
● 18:30 Enjoy Ugandan culture with a local flute performance
● 19:90 Hotel check in
Day 2 Kampala-Murchison
● 07:00 Have breakfast at the restaurant and check out.
● 08:00 Moving to Murchison Falls National Park, tour schedule:
○ Masindi Rhino Sanctuary – which protects 19 white rhino individuals with a
lifespan of up to 50 years old, weighing nearly 2.5 tons, and is one of the rare
remaining groups of large herbivores in the world.
● 12:00 Lunch at the beautiful Masidin court.
● 14:00 Sightseeing:
○ Climb to the top of the Murchison waterfall and watch the Nile river stretching
along the majestic water walls accompanied by roars resounding between
heaven and earth, creating a magical scene like in a fairy tale.
● 18:30 Have dinner with the group.
● 19:30 Check in and rest
Day 3 Nile river
● 08:00 Move to the north bank of the Victoria River, known as the White Nile, a
6,650km long tributary of the Nile that originates in Ethiopia, flows through countries
including Egypt and Sudan and eventually flows into the sea Mediterranean,
○ Rare and wild animal populations: Oribi antelope, Rothschild giraffe, lion,
African buffalo, eland, waterbuck, Bohor reedbuck, hyena, bushbuck and
Leopards,… If you are lucky, you will witness with your own eyes the
extremely spectacular hunting of leopards with dramatic chases.
● 12:00 Have lunch with the group.
● 14:00 Continue your journey of discovery
○ Travel by boat up the Victoria Nile to discover aquatic species and birds living
on both banks. You will be extremely surprised with the teeth of
hippopotamuses that appear and disappear, or the notoriously ferocious Nile
crocodiles and many rare birds such as Goliath storks, Egyptian geese,
African finches, kingfisher, hornbill, cormorant, stork,…
● 18:30 Return to hotel for dinner and rest.
Day 4 Murchison-Kibale
● 07:00 Have breakfast at the resort and check out procedures.
● 08:00 Depart for Fort Portal – a beautiful Ugandan town with soft winding roads
around Rwenzoris – one of the highest mountains in Africa.
● 12:00 Lunch on the road.
● 13:00 Continuing moving to Kibale Park, 795 km2 wide, this is a typical primeval
tropical forest reserve of Uganda with many rare flora and fauna populations in the
world, typically chimpanzees.
● 18:30 Upon arrival, the group had dinner.
● 19:30 Overnight at Lodge 4* or similar.
Day 5 Visit the chimpanzee-Queen Elizabeth
● 06:30 Have early breakfast at the resort.
● 07:30 The tour guide welcomes the group to start the trekking journey through the
forest to discover chimpanzees (only applies to guests 15 years and older):
○ Chimpanzees are animals with a genetic structure 98% similar to humans.
They have extremely intelligent, funny and adorable characteristics. Currently,
there are only about 880 individuals of this species left in the world,
concentrated in East Africa. During the process of tracking chimpanzees, you
will learn more about the birds that live in the Bigodi wetlands and hundreds
of other bird species, notably the Turaco bird with its soft blue feathers. Lunch
at the park.
● 16:00 Move to Queen Elizabelth National Park – a large nature reserve with more
than 600 species of birds; habitats like elephants, antelopes, buffalos, zebras, etc.
● 19:00 Dinner and overnight at hotel
Day 6 Queen Elizabeth park
● 05:00 Before sunrise, start our trip toKasenyi sub-area to explore wildlife. Breakfast
on the way
○ With early morning weather, this is the most suitable time for animals to be
most active during the day. A series of other animals such as giraffes,
buffalos, antelopes, hyenas, zebras, birds gather to search for food…;
Besides, the image of a female lion lying on a tree branch, looking into the
distance to determine the best prey,… All create an extremely vivid and
interesting natural picture.
● 12:00 Group lunch.
● 14:00 Afternoon visit:
○ Take a boat to explore the Kazinga Lake ecosystem, typically the East African
hippopotamus, an animal considered a hero to herbivores such as
wildebeest, wild buffalo… when helping them escape from their sharp teeth of
● 18:30 Dinner and rest
Day 7 Queen Elizabeth-Volcanoes Rwanda
● 07:00 The group has breakfast at the resort and checks out.
● 08:00 Sightseeing:
○ Ishasha sub-area is located in the west of the park, learn about the bustling
life of animals, from the adorable humped pigs with their tails always pointing
straight up to the sky, to the African forest elephants with their shaped bodies.
giants and African lions – known as the king of the jungle with a ferocity that
makes all other species afraid.
● 12:00 Having lunch.
● Move to VOLCANOES PARK, Rwanda – located in northwest Rwanda, known as the
homeland of mountain gorillas, golden-haired monkeys, black-faced Duiker
antelopes, Syncerus buffalo…, along with 178 species of birds and at least 16
species other endemic. animal subspecies.
● Then move to culture with the Batwa tribe (1 hour 20 minutes)
○ Known as the “Keepers of the Forest,” the enchanting Batwa elves of Bwindi
Impenetrable National Park are a tribe of hunter-gatherers who have lived
alongside the wildlife of this ancient park for thousands of years. year. Put on
your hiking shoes for this full-day adventure that begins with a 3-hour trek
through the jungle to the Batwa settlement. At this Batwa house, observe how
the women prepare, cook and serve meals. Interact with medical practitioners
and learn about the healing properties of lush forest flora. Listen to ancient
legends and traditional songs. After a warm welcome, your 1-hour cultural
immersion begins. Enjoy live music performances, learn about the way
Batwa’s fascinating life; From religion to their hunting and food gathering
techniques as well as interactions with tribes.
○ Living in harmony with the forest and surviving by hunting small animals with
bows and arrows, this fascinating tour gives an insight into how this ancient
tribe survived. Foraging in the lush bush and gathering plants for both food
and medicinal purposes, the Batwa people have a symbiotic relationship with
wild nature.
○ In an effort to reveal their wonderful heritage and traditions to the world, this is
a great opportunity to experience the forest through their eyes. Once
acknowledged as the owners of the alpine forests, few Batwa remain today.
● 19:30 Have dinner.
● 20:30 Check in and stay overnight at a 4* hotel or equivalent.
Day 8 Volcanoes-Kahuzi Congo
● 06:00 Have early breakfast at the resort, and check out.
● 07:00 Drive to Rubavu (only applicable for guests 15 years and older):
● 13:00 Move to Kahuzi Biega National Park – Democratic Republic Congo, go
through immigration procedures.
● 18:30 Dinner and rest at Nediva 4* hotel or similar
Day 9 Kahuzi Biega park
● 07:00 Breakfast at the resort, check out.
● 08:00 Start your journey following giant Gorillas (only applicable to guests 15 years
and older):
○ Gorilla, also known as Gorilla, is a genus of primates in the human family, this
is the largest primate genus in existence. Their DNA is 98% – 99% similar to
humans. To be more precise, Gorillas are distant relatives of humans and
have long been considered intelligent and agile animals no different from
humans. Adult gorillas can be 1.7 – 2 meters tall and weigh up to 200 kg.
They walk on all fours and only walk on two when preparing to fight.
● 12:00 Lunch at the park
● 18:30 Dinner and rest
Day 10 Rubavu-Kigali Rwanda
● 08:00 Breakfast at the resort, check out.
● 09:00 Depart for Kigali – the capital of Rwanda, do immigration procedures.
● 12:00 Lunch on the road.
● 14:00 Coming to Kigali, visit:
○ Muslim Quarter Central Square with a series of Islamic architectural works,
taking photos of Amahoro Stadium
○ Shopping at Kimironko traditional market
● 18:30 Arrive in Kigali, have dinner and rest at a 4* hotel or similar.
Day 11 Kigali-Bujumbura Burundi
● 07:00 Breakfast at hotel, check out.
● 08:00 The car took the group to the Republic of Burundiand go through immigration
procedures. Continue moving to Bujumbura – the largest city and also the capital of
● 13:00 Arrive in Bujumbura, have lunch at the restaurant.
● 14:00 You visit:
○ Rusizi National Park, Heroes Monument
○ Belvedere Climb: panoramic view of the beautiful city of Bujumbura Pretty.
○ Livingstone – Stanley Monument – a stone commemorating adventures and
discoveries located on the outskirts of Bujumbura. This marks the anniversary
of the meeting between explorer and missionary Dr. David Livingstone and
journalist and explorer Henry Morton Stanley.
● 19:00 Have dinner and return to rest
Day 12 Bujumbura-Gishora
● 08:00 Have breakfast at Hotel.
● 09:00 The group departs to visit:
○ Gishora Drum Museum – one of the most famous places for drums in Burundi,
it houses two sacred drums that have never been played: Ruciteme
(symbolizing the forest) and Murimirwa (symbolizing plowing). Therefore, the
Gishora drum is considered a symbol of agricultural life and the dream of the
Burundian people of a prosperous, happy life filled with nature.
● 12:00 You have lunch.
● 14:00 In the afternoon, the group enjoyed a fun Gishora drum performance and
beautiful acrobatic performances by the artists.
● 16:00 Return to Bujumbura for dinner.
● 19:00 Return to rest
Day 13 Burundi – Nairobi – Doha
● 08:00 Breakfast at hotel, check out.
● 09:00 Free time to visit and shop for souvenirs at:
○ Bujumbura Crafts Market, D’art Store, Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium.
● 12:00 After lunch, the car takes the group outAirport to catch flight to Nairobi, Kenya
● End of our tour