Akagera National Park in Rwanda : A Rwanda safari to Akagera National Park

A protected area in the eastern region of Rwanda, Akagera national park is a park in the Republic of Rwanda covering an area of approximately 1,122 square kilometers along the international border with Tanzania. The park was founded in 1934 and it encompasses features like savannah, montane and swamp habitats.

Akagera National park is named after River Kagera that flows along its eastern boundary pouring into Lake Ihema and other smaller lakes. The park is blessed with spectacular wildlife species like giraffes, lions, hippos, zebras and others. While on a safari to Akagera national park, a traveler can take part in a number of activities including game drives, boat cruise, community tours and birding.

Safari attractions in Akagera National park

Akagera national park encompasses several attractions that are interesting to see. Among these attractions include;

Wildlife: A number of wildlife is recorded in Akagera national park and these are about 8,000 animals in number. Among the wildlife include the Black Eastern Rhinos, lions, leopards, cape buffalos, African elephants, antelopes, impalas, Burchell’s zebras, hippos, waterbucks, Rothschild Giraffes and others.

Bird species: Akagera national park encompasses over 500 bird species thus regarded as one of the birders paradise in Rwanda. Among the birds in the park include both the endemic and epidemic species like Raptors, rare shoebill stork, great sniper bird, suaza shrike and others.

Primate species: Akagera national park is also a habitat to different primate species including the olive baboons, silver monkeys, blue monkeys, vervet monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, and others.

Lakes: Akagera National park hosts about 10 lakes which can be explored by the travelers. Among the most common lakes in the park are; Lake Ihema and Lake Shakani.

Safari activities in Akagera national park

During a Rwanda tour to Akagera national park, get a great opportunity of making your safari more memorable and adventurous by taking part in different safari activities like game drives, nature walks, hiking, birding, boat cruises and others.

Game drives: Explore Akagera national park’s splendid and rich nature by having a game drive through the trails of the park. The park conducts two game drives that is the morning game drive and night game drive. During this activity, sight different wildlife including the giraffes, elephants, hyenas, kobs, impalas, sitatunga, jackals and others.

Boat cruise: While on a boat cruise, explore the crystal lakes in the national park sight a number of wildlife like hippos and Nile crocodiles. In Akagera national park, boat trips are mainly done on Lake Ihema and are scheduled four times a day.

Bird watching: Akagera national park is a home to over 500 bird species including the endemic and epidemic species. Among the birds that are recorded in the park include the rare shoebill stock, white egrets, marabou stock, the yellow bird, grey crowned crested crane, swamp fly catchers and others.

Nature walks: Hike through the forests of the park and spot a variety of flora and fauna species including birds, trees, insects, butterflies, plants and others.

Community or village walks: Get a chance of associating with the local people in the communities that are near the park. Learn more about the Rwanda culture like the dances, folk songs, traditional stories, and also their arts and crafts. These local visits will get one to the local farms of the local people and be taught how to milk the cows as well as making the local ghee.