Semuliki National Park-

Semliki national park is a Ugandan national park positioned in the remote part of Bundibugyo district, Bwamba County in the western region. The park was established in October 1993 and it covers an area of land which is approximately 219 square kilometers. Situated along the Uganda and DR.Congo borders, Semliki national park encompasses the lowland tropical forests, rich floral and faunal biodiversity, bird species, and also butterfly species. The park also contains part of the Rwenzori Mountains in the south east part of it and also Lake Albert in its north and two rivers of Lamia and Semliki along its borders.

Semliki national park begun as a reserve in 1932 and later in 1993 converted into a national park to fight deforestation. The park lies on flat land exposing it to floods especially during the rainy seasons as the rivers become very full. It is one of the best destinations for birders since it is a home to over 410 bird species and 67% of these are forest birds. Among these birds include orange weaver, dwarf honey, purple breasted sunbird, white tailed hornbill, blue headed created flycatchers and others. Semliki national park also hosts other species like over 70 mammal species, 8 primate species and others.

What to do while at a Uganda safari in Semliki national park

There is a variety of activities which travelers can do while at the birders haven – Semliki national park. Among these include the following;

Game viewing

This is one of the most done activities in Semliki national park. The park hosts over 70 mammal species, 8 primate species and others. Game viewing is done during the game drive and nature walks through the trails and trunks of the park. These animals can be seen in Toro – Semliki reserve and among these include elephants, bush babies, pygmy hippos, waterbucks, warthogs, buffaloes, hyenas, leopards and others.

Chimpanzee trekking                    

Though cannot easily be seen, chimpanzees can be seen in the trunks of the park while walking and also securing for them food. Also, the Indiana University habituated some chimpanzee groups that are open for tourism purposes and the chimpanzee trekking tickets are at $30 for the foreigners. Besides the chimpanzees, other primates can be seen during the trekking including the black and white colobus monkeys, baboons, red tailed monkeys, central African red colobus and others,

Bird watching

With over 410 bird species, Semliki national park is one of the best destinations for birding experience. Birding in the park can be done in the forests in the park and also around the hot springs of Sempaya. Among the birds in the park include black – collared lovebird, Ayres hawk-eagle, white spotted fluff tail, chestnut-breasted negro finches, created malimbes, forest francolin, Gabon woodpecker, chocolate backed, black winged starling and others.

Safari walking and hiking

Move through the forest jungles of Semliki national park under the guidance of the ranger or guide. During the walk, spot different species include the trees, birds, primates, and also mammals. The nature walks in the park sometimes begin at the Sempaya park gate and end at the hot springs.

Visiting the hot springs of Sempaya

Sempaya hot springs are one of the most common attractions in Semliki national park. There are two hot springs of Sempaya where one is the female called Nyasimbi and the male is known as Bintente.  The water of the springs is just hot enough to boil an egg in just 10 minutes and the people around the park used to boil their food in it till the park management limited them and conserve the springs for tourism purposes. While moving towards the hot springs, spot different species like birds, some mammals and primates.

Besides the above mentioned activities, other experiences to do while in Semliki national park include the visit of river Semliki, cultural visits, and others.