Gorongosa National Park, Mozambique

Gorongosa National Park is a national park in the heart of central Mozambique situated at the southern end of the Great African Rift valley in southeast Africa. Covering an area of approximately 4000 square kilometers, the park consists of the valley floor and other parts surrounding the plateaus. The rivers that originate near Mount Gorongosa water the plain. The seasonal flooding and waterlogging of the valley which is composed of a mosaic of soil types, creates a variety of distinct ecosystems. The grasslands of the park are dotted with patches of acacia trees, savannah, dry forest on sands and the seasonally rain filled pans and termite hill thickets. The plateaus in the park contain miombo and montane forests and a rain forest at the base of a series of limestone gorges.

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Wildlife in the Park

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The combination of rare features at a time supported some of the densest wildlife populations in the African continent including the herbivores, carnivores and more than 500 species of birds. The number of these wildlife especially the large mammals reduced by as much as 95% during the Mozambique’s long civil conflicts at the end of the 20th century.

Vegetation of the park

Gorongosa national park’s ecosystem is supported with three main vegetation types where 76% is savannah which involves the combination of grasses and the woody species that favor the well-drained soils, 14% is woodlands and this consists of several forest and thickets and then the rest is grasslands which is subjected to harsh seasonal conditions which prevent trees from growing.

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Mount Gorongosa

This is the main feature in the park and it is where Gorongosa national park got its name from. The mountain is a home to more than 2,000 people. The park was added to the park in July 2010 and this was announced by the government of Mozambique and the Gorongosa Restoration Project thus making the park having a size of 4067 square kilometers.

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Wildlife of the park

Gorongosa national park is a home to a variety of wildlife including the animals, plants and bird species where some of them are found nowhere else in the world. Among the animals in the park include the termite mounds which some animals like the bushbuck and kudu are used as shade.

A number of herbivore species of the park were reduced by the civil wars which took a long period of time in Mozambique. Also in 2018, more than 14 African wild dogs from South Africa were introduced to the park. The park is also a home to a variety of reptile species which survived during the way.

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Mount Gorongosa

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Mount Gorongosa which is the main the feature in the park is made up of rainforests, montane grasslands, and riverine forests along its rivers, forests and savannah woodlands at lower elevations.

Bird species

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Gorongosa national park is a home to more than 400 bird species in its forested areas. Among these include the African skimmer, Grey crowned crane, red necked spufowl, Goliath heron, Kurrichane thrush, purple banded sunbird, racket tailed roller, red faced crombec, short winged cisticola and many others.

Safari activities in the park

Guided game drives

Explore the park in a 4×4 safari vehicle to a variety of habitats of different wildlife. View splendid floodplains and spot a numerous animals in the park including the primates, antelopes and the birdlife. On lucky days, you can spot the lions, hippos, buffalos, elephants and crocodiles. The park rangers conduct three game drives including the morning, evening and full day game drives.

Addo game drive

Explore Mount Gorongosa

Spend a day exploring the mighty mount Gorongosa which is the main attraction of the park. After hiking to the mountain, visit the Gorongosa coffee project where you will sight the locals planting shade-grown coffee. During the hike, move to one of the mountain’s waterfalls so as to take a dip in its deep and clear pools.

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Walking safari

Explore Gorongosa national park on foot by the lead of the park ranger. Get closure to the botanical wonders of the park and learn more things like the animal signs and tracks. Spot a variety of animals and bird species in the park.

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Boat safari

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This luxurious experience is done on Lake Urema – the heart of Gorongosa. During the drive, spot a number of aquatic animals like crocodiles, hippos and also a numerous aquatic birdlife.


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Spot a number of bird species in the park including the migratory and resident species. Among the birds include the African skimmer, grey crowned crane, red necked spur fowl, and many others.

This luxurious experience is done on Lake Urema – the heart of Gorongosa. During the drive, spot a number of aquatic animals like crocodiles, hippos and also a numerous aquatic birdlife.

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