Tazekka National Park, Morocco

Tazekka National Park is a national park in Morocco located in the Middle Atlas just 20 kilometers south west the city of Taza. The park was created in 1950 and it initially covered an area of 6.8 square kilometers. It park was established to mainly protect the natural resources around Jbel Tazekka mainly the grove of cedars which are isolated on this peak in the middle Atlas range. From 6.8 square kilometers, the area of the park was extended to 120 square kilometers in 1989 to include the important areas like the forests of cork oak, holm oak and the canyons, caves, cascades and the rural landscapes.

Best time to visit the park

Tazekka national park can be visited at any time throughout the year but the spring and summer months are best for game viewing. When interested in snow, it falls on the park’s rigged peaks in the month of December.

Vegetation of the park

Tazekka national park’s vegetation is made up of forests with cork oak, cedar trees and holm oak which are habitats to different species like the wild Barbary boars. The porcupines, golden jackal and the hares are mainly seen hiding in the caves and canyons of the park

Wildlife of Tazekka National park

Animal species

Tazekka national park is a home to various mammal species especially in its forested areas which are represented by North African boars, porcupines, small spotted genets, hares, Algerian wolves, hedgehogs and the red foxes. Extinct species include the Barbary leopards, caracals, striped hyenas and the Barbary stag. The park also habitats the Algerian wolves and the golden jackals which are amazing to see thus making the traveller’s journey more memorable.

Bird species

Tazekka national park is one of the important birding sites in the Republic of Morocco. Some of the species of birds sighted in the park include the Sardinian warbler, spotless starling, black eared whet ear, Barbary partridge, and many others that are seen during the summer sun when they visit the crater lakes.

Accommodation in Tazekka national park

Tazekka national park comprises of several accommodation options ranging from budget, mid-range and luxurious rates. In the heart of the park, there are two campsites available and these are only booked in the months of July and August. There are secure and authentic guest houses and hotels that are located in the fringes of the lake and within the town of Taza. Among the plenty of accommodations include Ibis Budget, Riad El Yacout, Dar Victoria, and Zalagh Parc Palace, Riad Arabesque, Riad La Cle De Fes and many others.