Ifrane National park in Morocco

Ifrane national park is a national park situated in the middle Atlas mountain range in Morocco. The park territory stretches over the western part of the middle Atlas Mountains and the areas within the provinces of Ifrane and Boulmane.

Established in 2004, Ifrane national park covers an area of approximately 125,000 hectares and its largest area is forested with Atlas cedar. The park is among the few remaining destinations that habitat the Barbary macaque. This primate prehistorically had a broader range in North Africa but now survives as an endangered species in fragmented habitats.

Ifrane national park was first proclaimed in 1994 and later established as a national park in October 2004 due to a number of reasons like the existence of different species in the territory, the presence of internationally important ecosystems and others. The park was created to mainly protect the biodiversity and ecosystems of the territory, raise awareness of the environment and eco-tourism and also to develop the natural resources.

Flora of the park

Ifrane national park is made up of more than 1015 different plant species including the Evergreen Oak, the Algerian Oak, and the Atlas cedar, the Maritime Pine, the Spanish Juniper and others. Other tree species in the park include the holly, the yew and the Montpellier.

Wildlife of the park

Animal species

Ifrane national park is comprised of a rich diversity of wildlife species including the rare and endangered monkey species like the Barbary Macaque. Other animals in the park include the wild Barbary boars, the striped hyenas, the golden jackal, the Barbary stag, red foxes, the arruis, the serval, the caracal, the European otter, the European rabbit, the cape hare, the crested porcupine, the common Genet, the Barbary leopards and many others.

Bird species

Ifrane national park is a home to various bird species which can be properly seen along the lake of Afennourir in Ramsar site. Among the bird species in the park include the coots which are also known as the Fulica, snipes and the egrets. Other birds include the common shelduck, the Northern shoveler, Mallard, Eurasian Wigeon, Red crested Pochard, white headed duck, tufted duck, common Quail, greater flamingo, rock pigeon and others.

Best time to of the year to visit Ifrane national park

The park can be visited any time throughout the year but during the months of March, April and November the country experiences good weather and amazing average temperatures that range between 20 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius. During this season, there is a pleasant animal viewing during different park activities like game drives, nature walks and others.