Maputo National park, Mozambique

Formerly known as Maputo Elephant Reserve, Maputo national park is one of the nature reserves in the Republic of Mozambique positioned on the Maputo bay which is approximately 100 kilometers southeast of the city of Maputo. Covering an area of approximately 1,040 square kilometers, the reserve was originally proclaimed in 1932 mainly to protect the small population of the coastal elephant’s resident in the area.

Maputo nature reserve is composed of lakes, swamp forests, wetlands, grasslands and the mangrove forests which is found in the Maputaland Centre of Endemism. According to the survey made, the reserve is a home to more than 400 elephants. The reserve is about to join the Lubombo Transfrontier Conservation Area which includes many other national parks from countries like South Africa, Mozambique and Swaziland. Currently, the reserve forms part of the Usuthu – Tembe – Futi Transfrontier Conservation Area.

Wildlife of the reserve

Maputo national reserve is encompasses by numerous wildlife including the plants, animals, birds and others.

Species of animals in the reserve

Maputo national reserve was mainly established to protect the large population of the herds of elephants. The reserve now is a home to more than 400 herds of elephants. Besides the elephants, it hosts other animals like the zebras, antelopes, crocodiles, hippos, small ducks, red duiker, suni, reedbuck, steenbok and many others.

Species of birds in the reserve

Maputo national reserve records a number of bird species including both the migratory and resident birds. Among the birds in the reserve include the kingfisher, fish eagle and many others.

Safari activities in the reserve

A traveller in Maputo national reserve has got a number of activities to do while on a safari to the reserve. Among these include;

Wildlife viewing

When visit Maputo national reserve, it’s a great opportunity to view a large number of elephants since it is a home to more than 400 herds of elephants. Other wildlife to view besides the elephants includes the crocodiles, zebras, antelopes, hippos, reedbucks, steenboks and many others. Also, the reserve is a home to the some marine wildlife like the whales, dolphins and the turtles.

Bird watching

Spot beautiful and colorful bird species in the forests and water shores of Maputo national reserve. The reserve is of the birding sites in the Republic of Mozambique. Among the birds sighted in the reserve include the king fisher, fish eagle and many others.

Nature walking

Explore the savannah of the reserve by taking part in safari walking which involves moving through the different trails of the reserve on foot. During the walk, spot different features like vegetation of the reserve, some small animals, bird species, hills, lakes and others.

Accommodations in the reserve

Maputo National reserve encompasses a numerous accommodation facilities where a traveller can retire for a night at an affordable price. The park accommodation rates range from budget, mid-range to Luxurious rates. Among these include; Arabias Boutique Hotel, Catembe Beach lodge, City Lodge Hotel Maputo, Residencial Horizonte 2 and many others.

Enjoy a great safari in the Republic of Mozambique by visiting Maputo National reserve for more memorable and amazing experiences.