Kasungu National Park, Malawi

In the western side of Kasungu region, Kasungu national park is a national park in the Republic of Malawi which is about 175 km north of Lilongwe extending along the border of Zambia. Established in 1970, the park is the second largest in Malawi covering an area of approximately 2,316 square kilometers with an elevation of about 1,000 meters above the sea level.

Kasungu national park is positioned in the central region with about 165 km north of Lilongwe. It attracts a large number of birds during the summer months thus making bird watching in the park more common between the months of June and September. The park hosted a number of animals but poaching has diminished a large population though a variety of them still exist. Among the wildlife include a wide spread of elephants, antelopes and little servals, leopards, and herds of buffalos. Kasungu national park also hosts large population of hippos within the lake at Lifupa and also bird species.

Vegetation of the park

Kasungu national park’s vegetation mainly consists of the Miombo woodland with grassy river channels which are known as Dambos locally. There are a number of rivers that flow through the park including the Dwangwa, the Lingadzi and its tributary and the Lifupa which is an important spot for the hippos which are mainly at the Lifupa lodge.

Wildlife of the park

Animal species

Kasungu national park is a home to a large population of elephants although they have been diminished by the illegal acts like poaching. Other animals in the park include the kudus, roan antelopes, sable antelopes, impalas, hartebeest, African buffalos, and the plain zebras. Kasungu national park also hosts predators like cape wild dogs, servals and the hyenas.

Bird species

Kasungu national park attracts a number of bird species during the summer months which are between June and September. Among the birds in the park include the white faced whistling duck, the Egyptian goose, African black duck, yellow billed duck, helmeted Guineafowl, crested francolin, red necked francolin, laughing dove, Namaqua Dove, red knobbed coot, wattled crane, spotted thick knee and others.

How to access the park

Kasungu National Park is located North West of Lilongwe about 175 km extending the Zambian border. It can be reached using any type of vehicle especially during the dry season.

Best time to visit the park

The park can be visited any time throughout the year but game viewing is best during the dry season which is in the months of September to May. Bird watching is good during the months of June to August which is the summer season. The park is closed during the rainy seasons in March due to the slippery roads.