Lengwe National Park, Malawi

Established in 1928, Lengwe national park is a national park in the Republic of Malawi positioned near Majete along the border of Malawi and Mozambique. The park is located near the town of Chikwawa and about 40 miles southwest of Blantyre. The topography of the park is unusual for Malawi and comprises of open deciduous forests and the dense thickets.

The park was first proclaimed as a reserve and the main reason for its establishment was to protect the life of wildlife that was becoming extinct more especially the Nyala antelope. Its climate is hot and dry and thus the only source of water is the rain. A number of man-made water holes have been constructed around the park to attract and maintain the population of animals. Most of these man-made water holes are located near the entrance of the park in the southern part thus making it easy for the tourists to spot the animals.

Safari activities in the park

Bird watching

Enjoy birding experience in Lengwe national park. The activity can be done almost throughout the year but the best time is during the wet season which is between the months of November and April. In these months, there is a combination of both the local and migratory birds. More than 330 bird species inhabit the park during this season including the African paradise flycatcher, the crested guinea fowl, the banded snake eagle, the green backed wood pecker, the mouse colored sunbird and many others.

Game viewing

Lengwe national park is a home to a number of wildlife and game viewing in the park is best done during the dry season when the animals move freely in the park. The park was mostly established to protect the Nyala antelopes which are about 2000 in number. Other wildlife in the park include the bushbucks, African buffalos, leopards, the bush pig, warthogs, hyenas, yellow baboon, the blue monkeys and many others.

Walking safaris

Explore Lengwe national park by taking part in the guided walks through the park. The walks in the park are not allowed unless with a park ranger or a guide due to the presence of dangerous animals like the buffalos.

Village walks

Visit the local people and enjoy part of your safari especially in the evening with the local people. Get to taste some of the local food that is prepared by the locals and also enjoy some of their cultural experiences like dancing, singing and also story telling.

Visit and explore the shire valley

Lengwe national park is positioned in the Shire valley. Enjoy a variety of activities while in the valley like quid biking since the valley has got a hill of sandstone. Also, walk to the shire river for relaxation after quid biking and also carryout spot fishing at the river. For the botanists, vegetation in the valley is worth seeing.

Visiting the heritage center

Visit the heritage center known as Tisunge which is located at the entrance of the park. The heritage was mainly set up to encourage more preservation of the wildlife that can be got in different parts of the national park. Sight a number of artifacts that are stored in the museum and also know more about the park and the animals in it. Visit the library and learn more about the history of Malawi and the park and also the animals. Also, there is an arts craft shop at the heritage center where you can buy all kinds of souvenirs you need.

Accommodations in Lengwe national park

There is only one and best accommodation around Lengwe national park and this is known as Nyala lodge. The lodge has several large and self – contained rooms which offer privacy to the guests. The lodge also has a restaurant which provides all sorts of meals and drinks including the packing picnics.

Nyala lodge is divided into two that is the campsite and the lodge and thus a better option for all those who cannot get the room since it is also the closest to the national park. Besides the Nyala lodge, there are also other accommodation facilities that are found nearby the city of Blantyre. Among these include the Fisherman’s rest accommodation, and others.