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Lake Nakuru National Park

Sibiloi National Park lies on the northeastern shore of Lake Turkana in northern Kenya. Established in 1973 by the government of Kenya for the protection of wildlife and paleontologist sites there, it covers 1,570 km2 and is internationally known for its fossils.

Sibiloi National Park is located on the wild and rugged shores of Lake Turkana – the cradle of mankind – Sibiloi is home to important archaeological sites including Koobi Fora where the fossil remains have contributed more to the understanding of human evolution than any other site in the continent. The area is characterized by semi-desert habitat and open plains flanked by volcanic formations including Mount Sibiloi, where the remains of a petrified forest can be seen.

Where does Sibiloi National Park fit into your Kenya Safari Adventure?

This island is also a UNESCO, Man and the Biosphere reserve and Kenya’s Important Bird Areas as defined by Birdlife International, as it is a key stopover for 34 species of Palearctic migrant water birds. The lake is a major breeding ground for the Nile crocodile most prevalent in the numerous surrounding sandy beaches, a variety of reptile species including endemic lizards, and including fish.

The island offers exciting views of some of the giant crocodiles in history and age old traditional lifestyles. Visitors can enjoy game viewing, camping, walking safaris, picnicking and boat safaris.

Flamingos in Lake Nakuru

4×4 Africa doesn’t recommend Self drive Safaris to Sibiloi National Park and we only offer guided Safaris to Explore the wildlife. Car Rental offers to explore this lovely national park are available at affordable prices from destination experts.

Safari activities in Sibiloi National Park

There are quite number of activities tourists can engage in such as Archeological safaris, Bird watching, Camping, Fishing, camel rides, desert exploration, culture visits, bush walk and Game viewing.

Game Drive Safaris

Wildlife Watching in Kidepo

Game viewing in Sibiloi national park is quite amazing experience where one can be able to adventure a wide range of wildlife on semi-arid areas such animals include gravy’s zebra, beisa Oryx, gerenuk, greater kudu, lion, spotted hyenas, jackals, caracals, leopards among others. During your game drive viewing tourists can as well see the fossils within the national park.

This is part of an activity where tourists can engage in trekking through the Petrified Forest as well as along the Koobi Fora spit. Bush walk experience allows travelers to get close observation to park’s attractions. Along this activity you will be guided by professional guides who will explain aspects about the different fossils and archaeological findings.

Guided Nature walk

Lake Nakuru Game drive

Cultural Experiences

Mzima Springs

On your visit to Sibiloi national park, go visit unpolluted and rich traditional culture in the surrounding communities such as the Turkana, Gabbra and Dassanach. Get interacted with them and also learn about their amazing lifestyle and the clothing style.

Where to stay?See lodges & Camps

Hotels in Lake Mburo National Park

Sibiloi national park offers classified accommodation ranging from Luxury to budget accommodations. Some of the accommodations facilities include;

  1. Desert Rose lodge,
  2. Lobolo tented camp
  3. Oasis lodge
  4. Jirime resort & Resort
  5. Nomads trail hotel
  6. Imperial dale hotel Mars bit
  7. Turkana Campsite
  8. Sunset strip
  9. Lobolo Tented Camp.

Best time to visit Sibiloi National Park

Birding in Lake Nakuru

The months of December through March are very hot and arid at Sibiloi National Park. The coolest months are June and July. Very high winds blow both in the morning and the evening from May to September. Here, annual rainfall is less than 250 mm, and in certain areas, it can be years before it rains again.

How to access Buffalo Springs

The roads connecting the national park with major town offers both tarmac and murram sections. It’s a long-distance driving journey but is however rough road. Highly recommended to travel in a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

From Nairobi passing via Marsabit and North Horr or Maralal and South Horr is a three-day drive to access the main destination.

Another opinion, you can travel by road from Nairobi to Kalokol on the lake’s western shores passing through citable and Lodwar. From Kalokol hire a boat to take you across the lake to Alia bay.