Tsavo West National park in Kenya.

Tsavo National park is located in the coast province of Kenya adjacent to Indian Ocean. It covers an area of approximately 9,065 square kilometers. The national park is break out of Tsavo national park after the main road was constructed thus dividing the park into two sections – Tsavo west national park and Tsavo east national park. The A109 road running from Nairobi – Mombasa together with the railway line divides the Tsavo west national park from Tsavo east national park.

Tsavo west national park adjoins different protected areas combining to form the greater Tsavo conservation area which is one of the best national parks in Kenya. It is the most famous destination in the two Tsavo parks due to its magnificent scenery, like Mzima springs, the rich wildlife, its accessibility rhino reserve, rock climbing and also the guided walks along the Tsavo River. Tsavo west National park, also famous as ‘’ the land of lava, springs, magical sunsets and man-eaters’’ is operated by Kenya Wildlife service and was established in 1948 together with its counterpart- Tsavo east national park.

Attractions in Tsavo west national park

Tsavo west national park has got a number of attractions which will definitely make you spend there more time than expected while exploring more. Among them include;

The Mzima springs: These are series of four natural springs in Tsavo national park located in the west of the park around 48km from Mtito Andei. It is a place where over 50 gallons of crystal water is produced by underground forces. Mzima springs are the rare features of the active volcanoes attracting a number of visitors to witness the power of nature.

Wildlife: Tsavo west national park hosts over 70 animal species including the African big five. Among the animals in the park include the predators and also the prey animals like; lions, elephants, leopards, cheetahs, topis, kudu, buffalos, hyenas, zebras, mongoose, olive baboons and others.

Bird species: Tsavo west national park is surely one of the birders haven in Kenya. The park hosts over 400 bird species. Among the bird list spotted at the park include golden pipit, pied kingfisher, golden palm weaver, river warbler, corncrake, eastern black headed oriole, narina trogon, martial eagle, Somali ostrich, Basra reed warbler, lesser kestrel and others.

Ngulia sanctuary: This is a sanctuary that was opened to protect the lives of the rare black rhinos in the park.  It is one of the main attractions in Tsavo west national park since it gives a visitor a chance to know more about the lives of rhinos and makes ones’ safari to Africa complete.

Lake Jipe: This is a source of water to the wildlife at the national park. It is one of the best places in Tsavo west national park to view the wildlife and also a home to the aquatic animals like crocodiles, hippos, and water birds like African fin foot.

Must do activities in Tsavo west national park

Game drives: Enjoy the guided game drives at different times of the day- morning, afternoon and evening game drives at Tsavo west national park. This park is one of the park which offers interesting African wildlife experiences since it is a home to the African big five animals. Get a great close view of the animals like lions, zebras, elephants, hyenas, topis, kudus, and others. Note the Tsavo west national park is one of the national parks in Kenya that have night game drives.

Birding experiences: Tsavo west national park is one of the rightful places to travel to especially by the bird lovers. Sight the different birds more especially the migratory ones since the park is a migratory route. Birds spotted include pangani long claw, African fin foot, Basra reed warbler, golden pipit, eastern black headed oriole, taita falcon, martial eagle and others. Please note that this activity is more fun when you move with an experienced birder guide.

Rhino tracking: Enjoy rhino tracking in Tsavo west national park at Ngulia rhino sanctuary which covers 90 square kilometers. The sanctuary is a home to a numerous rare black rhinos and ensures that the rhinos are safe and healthy.

How to get to Tsavo west national park

By Air: When one decides to use air transport, he or she can book a domestic flight from Wilson airport or Mombasa or Jomo Kenyatta international airport to different airstrips found around the park including Ziwani airstrip, Tsavo gate airstrip and others.

By Road: Tsavo west national park is located 240 kilometers from Nairobi along Nairobi – Mombasa road. The drive takes about 5-6hours through different villages. The park can be accessed on the southern gate of the Mtito gate that connects directly from Mombasa.