Meru National Park in Kenya

Situated east of Meru which is just 350km from Nairobi, Meru national park is one of the Kenyan national parks covering an area of approximately 870 square kilo meters. The park is one of the well-known parks in Kenya and its area receives abundant rainfall of about 635-762mm west and 305-356mm east of the park. Such abundant rainfall results into tall grass and lush swamps at the park.

Also called Elsa’s country, Meru National park became much famous after the conservationists –George Adamson and Joy Adamson who were book writers raised a lioness which they named Elsa from this place. This lioness- Elsa was buried in this park and the ashes of the conservationist-Joy were scattered on her gravesite. Meru national park is truly one of the best tourism destinations for the wildlife lovers, nature and also the cultural lovers. It is managed by Kenya wildlife service on behalf of the central government.

Attractions in Meru National park

Meru National Park is endowed with a number of attractions both the natural and artificial ones which will catch both the eye and memory of the traveler. Among the attractions include;

Wildlife: Meru National Park is a home to various wild animals including the predators and the African big five. Among the animals present in the park include; lion, African bush elephant, African leopard, cheetah, southern white rhinoceros, hippopotamus, zebras and others.

Burial sites of Joy Adamson: Joy Adamson was an author, artist, and also a naturalist. She rose the female lion named Elsa in Meru National park to an extent of writing a book which she named Born free where she shared her experiences while raising it. The book Born free was printed in several languages and made it to an Academy Award winning movie.

Burial sites of Elsa the lioness: This is one of the main attractions in Meru National park since it is also referred to as the Elsa’s country. Elsa the lioness was a female lion raised along with her sisters ‘’Big one’’ and ‘’Lustica’’ after becoming orphans at few days old by the game warden George Adamson and his wife Joy Adamson. The body of this lioness was buried in this national park and the ashes of Joy Adamson were scattered on her gravesites.

Views of Mount Kenya: Mount Kenya is the highest mountain in Kenya and the second highest in the African continent after Kilimanjaro. Mount Kenya is located in the former Eastern and central province of Kenya presently known as Meru, Embu.

Local people: The unique culture of the local people like the Meru, Tharaka, Kamba, Borana. Among the elements of the culture of the local people you are to encounter include language, beliefs, values, dances, songs, taboos, stories, folks, sports, art and craft, economic activities, dining and others.

Bird species: Meru National park is a home to over 300 bird species with beautiful different colors including the migratory and residential ones. Among the birds in the park are; Eastern chanting goshawk, long-tailed fiscal, Somali ostrich, wattled starling, hartlaubs bustard and others.

What to do while at Meru National park.

Game drive/ game viewing: This is a guided drive in and around the park. Meru national park is habitats a number of wildlife including the African big five animals- lion, elephant, leopard, buffalo and rhino. Get a chance of viewing different animals at a closure distance and also take some photographs. Other animals in the park are cheetah, topis, hippos, zebras and others.

Bird watching: Birding is more exciting when you move with an experienced birder guide. Meru National park records over 300 bird species including the long-tailed fiscal, Somali ostrich, hartlaubs bustard, wattled starling and others.

Cultural visits: The local people around Meru National park include the Meru, Kamba, Tharaka, Borana and others. Enjoy the different aspects of life of these people like dances, songs, languages, sports, stories, folks and others.

Others activities at the park include picnic, nature walks and camping within the park.

Best time to visit Meru National park.

Meru national park can be visited at any time throughout the year. Combine you visit to Meru with other attractions like Mt. Kenya National park, Samburu Buffalo springs, Shaba Reserve, Lewa down and others.