Hell’s Gate National park in Kenya 

Hell’s National park is park in Kenya that lies south of lake Naivasha North West of Nairobi the capital city. The park is named after a narrow break in the cliffs which were once a tributary of a prehistoric lake that fed early humans in the Rift valley and was established in 1984.

Hell’s Gate National park is a small park covering an area of approximately 68.25 square kilometers but well known for its numerous wildlife and scenery including the Fischer’s tower, central tower columns and Hell’s Gate Gorge. The park is a home to five geothermal power stations at Olkaria and it is also equipped with three basic campsites including the Maasai Cultural center which provides education about the Maasai cultures and traditions.

What to see in Hell’s Gate National park.

The wildlife: The cliffs, Gorge and the undulating grasslands of the park provide the best one of the places in Kenya where one can walk alongside the herds of buffalos, zebras, hartebeests, elands, impalas and others. The plenty of warthogs, breeding herds of the Maasai giraffes and the herds of the waterbucks which are often seen grazing in the park and at the neck of the gorge are also a great an experience to encounter.

The birds: Hell’s Gate National park hosts over 103 recorded bird species. One can at least spot about 30-40 birds for a day visit in the park. Among the birds in the park include vultures, secretary birds, ostrich, augur buzzard, verreaux’s eagles, and others. Spot these birds at different locations including the top of volcanic plug of Fischer’s tower, the high cliffs and also the gorge.

Fischer’s Tower: This is one of the main attractions at Hell’s Gate National park. Fischer’s tower is a 25m high jagged volcanic plug that remained among the ancient volcano. The tower was named after the German explorer – Gustav Fischer who passed this place in 1883 and it offers excellent climbing and it is also a home to a colony of rock hyrax.

The OI Basta Nature Trail: The trail is located at the southern end of the gorge just 12 km from Elsa Gate the second tower. It is a trail that marks the point where gorge becomes a tangled ravine. OI Basta Nature trail is a good place for picnics and also safer for car parking.

Maasai cultural center: This center offers insights into the traditions and heritage of the Maasai local people.

The Mervyns Carnelley Raptor hide: Located above Endachata campsite, Mervyns Carnelley raptor hide is a unique bird-viewing hide allows visitors to view and photograph the birds of prey (raptors) at a very close range.

Sporting pursuits: The sporting pursuits include mountain climbing, hiking, biking, and rock climbing.

How to get to Hell’s Gate National Park

By Air: Hell’s Gate National park is situated about 90km away from Nairobi the capital of Kenya. The nearest airport to the park is JKIA Nairobi. Fly from Nairobi to Naivasha and then connect to Hell’s Gate.

By road: This is the best type of transport to use while transferring to Hell’s Gate National park since one can view the beautiful sceneries and attractions on the way including the scenic beauty of the great rift valley.

Among the activities that can be done while in Hell’s Gate National park include cycling, mountain climbing, bird watching, hiking, biking, rock climbing, wildlife viewing, camping, picnicking and others.

Where to stay while at Hell’s Gate National park

Hell’s Gate National park has got a number of accommodation facilities which are both affordable and comfortable to every client. These accommodations range from luxury, mid-range and budget rates. Among them include Naivasha West Beach camp, Naivasha Kongoni lodge, lake Naivasha Sopa lodge, Fish Eagle Inn and campsite, Crater lake tented camp and Game sanctuary and many different others.