Buffalo springs National reserve

A protected area in the Isiolo County in northern Kenya is Buffalo springs National reserve. The reserve was established in 1948 and was part of the Samburu – Isiolo game reserve but later in 1985 the present boundaries were established. Buffalo springs National reserve is managed by the Isiolo County council and a number of Kenyan safari operators visit the reserve since it has several safari camps and lodges.

Named after an oasis of clear water at its western end – Ewaso Ng’iro River, Buffalo springs national reserve is located south of the Samburu national reserve. It occupies an area of approximately 131 square kilometers and the main feature within it is the Champagne Ride in the southeast.

How to reach Buffalo springs National park

The reserve can be accessed by the use of road and air means of transport.

By road: While using road transport, you get an opportunity of seeing a number of adventurous and amazing features along the way. Drive from Nairobi the capital of Kenya via Nanyuki and then to Isiolo. The best safari vehicle to use is a 4×4 car.

By flight: Fly from Nairobi international airport to Buffalo springs airstrip.

Buffalo Springs National park has different entry gates including Choka gate, Uaso gate and also Ngare Mara gate.

Safari attractions in buffalo springs national reserve

Buffalo spring national park encompasses a number of attractions which the tourists can view during their Kenyan safari. Among them include;

Bird species: Buffalo springs National reserve is a home to a number of bird species. Among these birds include the Egyptian vulture, black – capped social weaver, Abyssinian ground hornbill, black-faced sand grouse, Somali ostrich, D’Anaurd’s barbet and others.

Wildlife species: A number of animals can be spotted during Kenyan safari in Buffalo springs National reserve. Among these include the hippos, olive baboons, elephants, leopards, cheetahs, and the Nile crocodiles along the Ewaso Ng’iro River.

Activities done in Buffalo springs National reserve

A number of activities can be done in Buffalo springs national reserve including game viewing, birding, nature walks and hikes, and also cultural visits.

Game viewing: This activity is done in the open area where the wildlife moves freely around the reserve. The best time to do it is during the dry seasons. Among the animals spotted include elephants, cheetahs, hippos, buffalos, olive baboons, Nile crocodiles, gazelles and others.

Guided nature walk:  Have a guided nature walk through the trails of the park and sight different animals and bird species. Among the animals that can be spotted during the walk include zebras, topis, waterbucks and others.

Birding: Watching a variety of beautiful and colorful bird species must be one of the best experiences. Buffalo Springs national reserve is one of the best birding destinations in the Kenyan republic. Among the birds in the reserve are; beisa oryx, great egrets, martial eagles, African darters, Somali ostriches, yellow billed hornbills, bee-eaters, lilac breasted rollers, yellow billed oxpeckers and many others.

Cultural visits: Get an opportunity of interacting with the local people around Buffalo springs national reserve. Among these people include the Samburu pastoralists who always pass through the reserve with their cattle. Enjoy their aspects of life like economic, social and also political ways.

Where to stay while on a safari in Buffalo Springs national reserve

The accommodations in buffalo springs national reserve are both comfortable and affordable to every client ranging from luxury, midrange and budget accommodation.

Luxury suites: Sarova Shaba game lodge, Ashnil Samburu lodge, Larsen tented camp and Elephant bedroom camp

Midrange suites: Shamz hotel, Northern Galaxy hotel, Josera guest house and others

Budget suites: Isiolo Bomen hotel and Grande hotel