Amboseli national park.

Are you trying to figure out your mind on where to travel to and have not yet decided? Just cool down because the republic of Kenya has got you covered with Amboseli national park. Formerly referred to as Maasai Amboseli game reserve, Amboseli national park is a park in Kenya, Kajiado south constituency in Kajiado County. The park covers a size of 392.06 square kilometer with the ecosystem spreading across the Kenya –Tanzania border. Amboseli National Park was gazetted a national park in 1974 to protect the core of the unique ecosystem and later in 1991 declared a UNESCO site. The park is famous for being the best place in the world to get close to the free ranging elephants. The park also has other attractions like Maasai Mara people, bird species, other wild life, raptor species and others. Below are the attractions that travelers should not miss sighting while on a trip at Amboseli national park;

View the great giant elephants in hundreds: Amboseli national park is known for having a clear view of the great largest land mammals-elephants. The park also is a home to other animals like lions, cheetah, buffalos and others.

Wildlife: Amboseli offers a great view of the wildlife including the four of the big five world’s animals including the lions, elephants, buffalos and the African leopard. Other wildlife in the park includes wildebeest, gazelle, burchell’s zebra and others.

The local people (Maasai Mara): These are the ancestral people of the land where Amboseli national park is situated. Get closure to these people and enjoy their authentic culture and also their ways of living like feeding, food, their history, their songs, dances and others.

Bird species: Amboseli national park is home to almost 500 bird species including the kingfisher, falcons, the kori bustard, flamingos, the vulnerable, marabou stock, African jacana and different others. Enjoy sighting these beautiful and colorful birds as you listen to their interesting song like sounds. Also the park consists of about 47 raptor species including falcon and the harrier eagle.

The top sights in Amboseli: These are the top attraction sites at Amboseli national park since they provide a clear view of the other attractions at the park. Among these top sights include; Enameshera Mountain peak, Noomotio observation point and also Kitirua camping site.

Photography: Since the park offers a view of the Africa’s highest mountain – Mt. Kilimanjaro, photographs taken at Amboseli national park can be one of the best ones you have ever had in the whole of your life. The giant elephants are always in front and around the mountain giving an interesting experience especially during a game drive.

How to reach Amboseli national park.

Amboseli national park can be accessed by the use of both road and air types of transport.

By road; the main road to use to the park is from Nairobi via Namanga on the Nairobi – Arusha road covering 240km through Meshanani gate. Another road is from Nairobi via Emali on the Nairobi – Mombasa road (228km).

By Air; The Park has one airstrip for the light aircrafts at Empusel gate while other airstrips exist at Kilimanjaro Buffalo lodge and Namanga town.

Best time to visit the park.

The dry season is the best season to visit the park that is June to October since there is little rain or rain falling and the wildlife can easily be seen.

Accommodations at Amboseli national park.

Amboseli national park has a variety of accommodation facilities ranging from budget, mid-range and then luxury costs. Among the accommodations include; Kilimanjaro guest house, Chui cottages, Simba cottages, Oltukai lodge, Amboseli campsite, Amboseli Serena lodge, Tortilis tented lodge and others.