Mount Kenya national park

Mount Kenya was established in 1949 to protect Mount Kenya, the wildlife and the surrounding environment which forms a habitat for different wild animals. Also, the park acts as an area for the water catchment that supplies water to the people living around the slopes of the mountain.  Mount Kenya national park covers an area of 715 square kilometers and the forest reserve has an area of 705 square kilometers thus covering a total of 1,420 square kilometers when combined.

Mount Kenya National park is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Kenya due to the fact that it shares a name with the country. It is located in central Kenya north of the equator and the second highest peak in Africa is found in this park. A number of tourists travel to this place due to its amazing geographical features including U-shaped valleys, forested slopes and glaciers. The park has six different entry gates including Mawingu gate, Sirimon gate, Naru Moru gate, Kihari gate, Kamweti gate, and Chogoria gate.

Attractions in Mount Kenya national park

Mount Kenya national park has some numerous activities that will definitely quench your thirst. Among them include;

Mount Kenya: It is the second highest mountain in Africa. A number of hikers visit the Mount Kenya national park to take part in the hiking challenge to the top of the mountain. The mountain has different peaks with Batian as the highest at 5199 meters, followed by Nelion at 5188 meters and then point Lenana at 4986 meters. Climbing this second highest African mountain is such an adventurous experience.

Bird species: A number of bird species can be spotted in Mount Kenya national park thus making it one of the best birders haven in Kenya. Among the birds in the park include; scaly francolin, Ayres hawk-eagle, red headed parrot, bronzes napped pigeon and others.

Wildlife: Mount Kenya national park is a home to a diversity of wildlife including suni antelope, black and white colobus monkeys, buffalo, black rhino, black-fronted duikers, albino zebras and others. View most of this wildlife by taking part in different park activities like nature walks and game drives.

Accommodations in Mount Kenya national park

A variety of accommodation is available in Mount Kenya national park that is affordable and comfortable to every client. The accommodations range from luxury, midrange and budget accommodations. Among them include;

Budget accommodation; Starbucks Katarina, Batian guest house and Mountain lodge

Midrange accommodation; Penguin house, le Rustique, and Soames hotel & jacks bar

Luxury accommodation;  Whispers luxury guest rooms, Serena Mountain lodge, Hotel Fairmont Kenya safari club and Castle forest lodge

Safari activities in Mount Kenya national park

Hiking and mountain climbing: This is the major activity done in Mount Kenya national park and it attracts a number of tourists who are good at hiking and climbing annually to sight the amazing views during the hike. Hiking is such an adventurous experience but requires some bit of fitness and professionalism since the hiker needs to reach the top of the summit. During the hiking, some equipment is used for safety purposes like hiking boots and also warm clothing due to the change in altitude.

Birding: Mount Kenya National park is endowed with a number of beautiful and colorful bird species which can be spotted during some activities in the park and also at the right birding spots. Among the birds include; bronze napped pigeon, scaly francolin, red headed parrot, and others.

Cave exploration: Mount Kenya national park has different caves like Mau Mau caves, Shipton’s caves and others which are explored by travelers. Mau Mau cave was used by the Mau Mau fighters as a hiding place from the colonialists thus making it more historical. The cave explorations in Mount Kenya national parks involve learning the ancient history and also know the secrets behind the caves.