Kabore Tambi national park, Burkina Faso

Kabore Tambi national park is a national park in Burkina Faso positioned between Ouagadougou and the border with Ghana and follows the course of the river of Nazinon. It was founded in 1976 as Po national park and later renamed in 1991 in honor of a ranger of the park who was killed by the poachers.

Established on the banks of the Nazinon River formerly known as Red Volta, the Kabore Tambi national park encompasses other rivers including Nazinga and Sissili rivers that are found in the south west and along the river of Nazinon. The park’s vegetation is mainly distributed into northern Sudan savannah grassland in the north. In the south, there is a blend of the southern Sudan savannah and northern guinea savannah. With an area of approximately 155,500 ha, Kabore Tambi national park is a home to different wildlife including the plants, mammals, birds and the reptile species.

Wildlife of the park

Bird species

Kabore Tambi national park is among the important birding sites in the Republic of Burkina Faso hosting more than 251 bird species of both the resident and migratory species. Among the bird species in the park include the Senegal parrot, yellow billed shrike, violet turaco, yellow penduline, bearded barbet, pipes, pied winged swallow, blackcap babbler, lavender waxbill, chestnut crowned sparrow weaver, brown romped bunting, Senegal Eremonela, sun lark, piapiac, blue belleir roller, and many others.

Animals in the park

Kabore Tambi national park is a home to various mammal species including both the large and small mammals. Among these include the antelopes, African elephants, jackals, mongooses, hyenas, genets, warthogs, monkeys, and many others. Aside the mammals, the park also host numerous reptile species like the monitors, crocodiles and the fish species.

How to access Kabore national park

Kabore Tambi national park is just 130 kilometers south of Ouagadougou the capital of Liberia near the border with Ghana. The highway from Ouagadougou to Bolgatanga crosses through the park to Ghana and then further north of the park. The park can be reached by the use of either private cars or the bus.

At about 11 kilometers of the western entrance of the park, have a stopover and see the tomb where the ranger Kabore Tambi was buried.

Where to stay while at the park

Kabore Tambi national park is made up of different accommodation facilities which are both comfortable and affordable. The accommodation ranges at a different rate that is; budget, mid-range, and luxurious rates. Among these include the Ouagadougou hotels such as Palm Beach hotel which is within the city center, Laico Ouaga hotel situated near the airport, Mercure Silmade hotel, Dragon hotel and many others.