Digya National Park in Ghana

Digya national park is the second largest national park and the oldest protected area in the Republic of Ghana situated in the Bono East region. It was established as a game reserve in 1900 and later in 1971, it was designated as a national park. The park is unique since it’s the only wildlife territory in Ghana to have Lake Volta at its borders.

Digya national park is the second largest national park in Ghana covering an area of approximately 3,743 square kilometers. It is bordered on the north, south and east by Lake Volta. The park is a home to a number of wildlife species including more than 6 primate species, mammals, and plants and over 236 bird species.

Vegetation of the park

Located on lowland peninsular, Digya national park is made up of different vegetation types including forested areas, riverine forests, the areas of tall grass open woodland, the perennial streams and the small hilly outcrops.

Safari activities while in Digya national park

While in Digya national park, there are various safari experiences which a traveller can participate in so as to make the journey not only memorable but also amazing. Among these activities include;

Wildlife viewing

Digya national park is the second largest national park in Ghana and it is one of the country’s best game viewing destinations. The park is a home to several wild animals including the mammals like the buffalos, antelopes, elephants and others. Also, it hosts different primate species including the baboons and the black and white colobus monkeys. Also spot some of the reptile species at the park like the Nile crocodiles. Other animals in the park include the pottos, servals, West African manatees, pata monkeys, bushbucks, waterbucks and others.

Bird watching

Spot several bird species since Digya national park records more than 236 species of birds. Among the birds in the park include the Pale fronted Negrofinch, African barred owlet, Verreaux’s eagle owl, thick billed cuckoo, and many others.

Hiking and walking safaris

Enjoy a guided walk through the trails of the park. Move through the savannah woodlands of the park and you enjoy the amazing and beautiful scenery of the park. Also during the walk, spot different small animals and birds.


Enjoy a luxurious canoe trip along the River of Sene in the park. While on the waters of the river, spot different wildlife like; birds, animals and also different vegetation types.

Where to stay while at the park

Digya national park comprises of several secure, affordable and comfortable accommodation facilities where every client of any kind can retire for a night. Among these accommodations include Wadoma Royal Hotel, Laposada Hotel, Sanbra Hotel, Royal Park Hotel, Bosomtwe Paradise Resort, and many others.