Bia national park in Ghana

Bia national park is a national park situated in the district of Bia in the western region of the Republic of Ghana. Covering an area of approximately 563 square kilometers, the park habitats some of Ghana’s last remnants of the virgin forest with its diversity of wildlife. Some of the tallest trees in West Africa are found in this national park. Bia national park also constitutes a twin conservation area known as Bia national park and Bia Resource Reserve. The park was created in 1935 and named after the river of Bia which drains through it and later in 1974, it officially became a national park.

In the western region of Ghana, Bia national park is positioned near the Ivorian border, the Bia river and the tributaries flow into the Ivorian drainage area. The park is found in the transitional zone between the moist evergreen and moist semi deciduous types of forests.

How to access Bia national park

Access Bia national park through Bibiani when coming from Kumasi and when from Sunyani, the park can be reached through Berekum, Wanfi, Debiso and Adabokrom. When from Cote d’Ivoire, reach the park through Osei Kojokrom and Debiso. When travelling to the park, two transport types can be used that is air and road means of transport.

Wildlife of the park

Bia national park encompasses a diversity of wildlife including the plant, birds, and mammal species.

Mammal species

Bia national park is a home to more than 62 species of mammals including over 10 primate species for example; the black and white colobus, the olive colobus, red colobus monkeys, chimpanzees and many others. Other mammal species include the African bush elephants, forest antelopes and some lizard species like Agama Africana.

Bird species

Bia national park encompasses more than 189 species of birds including the migratory, resident and the endangered species. Among the birds in the park include the white breasted guinea fowl, honey guide greenbul, black headed oriole, grey headed Negrofinch, western nicator, spotted greenbuls, brown and puvel’s illadopsis, western nicator, fire bellied woodpecker, finch’s flycatcher thrush, black collared lovebird, Cassin’s hawk eagle, melancholy woodpecker and many others.

Safari activities in Bia national park

A visitor to Bia national park can take part in a number of safari activities while in the park. Among the activities include;

Game viewing

Bia national park encompasses over 62 mammal species including more than 10 primate species. Spot all these wildlife while on experiences like nature walks and trails and game drives. Among the animals to sight include the chimpanzees, olive baboons, forest antelopes, elephants, black and white colobus, red colobus monkeys and others.

Bird watching

Bia national park records more than 189 bird species including the endangered species. This makes it among the best birding havens in the Republic of Ghana. Among the birds in the park include the Cassin’s hawk eagle, white breasted guinea fowl, spotted greenbul, fire bellied woodpecker, grey headed bristle bill, black collared lovebird, western nicator, honey guide greenbul and many others.

Walking safaris or trails

Move through the park by the guidance of a game ranger foot and view beautiful scenery of the park. Sight different features while trailing like; rivers, mountains and hills, forests and some small wild animals.