Nxai Pan National Park in Botswana

Nxai National Park is a national park in north eastern Botswana consisting of Nxai Pan which is one of the Makgadikgadi Pan salt flats. Established in 1992, the national park lies north of the Maun Nata main road and adjoins Makgadikgadi Pan National Park along its northern border. The pan of Nxai itself is a fossil which covers about 40 square kilometers in size.

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Cluster of Millennia old baobab trees

Baines Baobabs. | The cluster of millennia-old baobab trees … | Flickr

Nxai National Park hosts different features like the cluster of millennia old baobab trees which were named after the man who discovered them – Thomas Baines. Covering an area of approximately 2578 square kilometers, Nxai Pan National park is a home to a variety of wildlife including the elephants, zebras, giraffes, lions, leopards, cheetahs, bate eared fox, aardwolf, honey badger, cape wild dog, jackal, impalas, kudu, springbok, ostrich and others.

Best time to visit Nxai Pan National Park

The best time to visit Nxai National Park is during the rainy season (the hot wet summer season) which is from the months of November to April. The games in the park are abundant from December to April but when the rains become heavy, the roads become difficult to be used. The more accessible time to the park is in the dry season which is from the month of May to September.

Rainy Season (the hot wet summer season) in the park

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Attractions in Nxai Pan National Park


Nxai Pan national park is positioned on the strategic migration routes of wild animals that are between the Okavango Delta, the Hwange National park in Zimbabwe and the grasslands in and around the Makgadikgadi Pan National park. Among the animals to be spotted include the lions, giraffes, jackals, kudus, impalas, springboks, bat eared foxes and others. In the months of the rainy season – From December to April, animals like the elephants, oryx antelopes and thousands of zebras enter the park. These animals can easily be sighted in the salt pans especially the springbucks in December and the zebras in March to April.

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The Baines Baobabs

These are one of the main attractions in Nxai Pan National Park. The Baines Baobabs consist of a group of about seven large baobabs on the edge of the Kudiakam Pan. These trees are over 20 meters high and above 1000 years old. These trees were named after their discoverer Thomas Baines who made them well known by painting them.

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Bird species

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Nxai Pan National park is a home to numerous bird species including the residential and migratory birds. These birds can easily be seen in the salt pans and among them include; the saddle billed stork, the pin tailed whydah, ostriches, the black bustard, the Egyptian goose, the yellow billed duck, the red eyed dove, the red billed francolin and many other species.

Where to stay while on a safari to Nxai Pan National Park

A visitor to Nxai Pan national park will have a variety of choices for accommodation facilities. The accommodations in Nxai Pan national park are rated in different ranges that are budget, mid-range and luxurious ranges. Among these accommodations include camps, hotel and lodges and among them include Barbarossa tented camp, Nxai pan south camp, Nxai pan camp, Baines Baobab campsite, and others.

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